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The Ultimate Coffee Box

Handpicked by TheBabyGuyNYC

The Ultimate Coffee Box
Whole bean coffee • 4 bags x 1.8 oz • 7.2 oz total

Parents need their coffee! Jamie has a coffee obsession. So the quest to create the perfect coffee box for Jamie’s fans began. After sipping pots of freshly-roasted Bean Box coffees, Jamie has handpicked four of his favorite roasts ranging from: a bold late-night recovery brew to a bright afternoon cup. Treat yourself to Jamie’s exclusive coffee picks, delivered freshly-roasted. To sweeten the box, TheBabyGuyNYC fans get a pair of Dutch wafels that caramelize over hot coffee and 10% in Bean Box credits to spend on their favorite coffees.

Sales of this special box have ended, but the coffees are still available!
Jamie’s exclusive coffee picks

What Customers Are Saying

Five stars

"Thank you for providing the best coffee I've ever tasted and for making it available to those of us distant from you!"
Five stars

"A great way to get ultra fresh coffee from all your favorite Seattle ☔ roasters."
Five stars

"Bean box is a true treat. I look forward to my monthly sampler box like a kid looking forward to Christmas."
Five stars

"Our mornings are brighter when it arrives. The selections are always impeccable and distinctive. Plus, great and personable service."
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Our Freshness Guarantee

Coffee is best brewed with freshly roasted beans. That's why we ship within 48 hours of roasting, so you can enjoy your coffee at its peak.