4 Easy Ways to Brew Coffee Outdoors

In the Pacific Northwest, we like to get outside as much as possible. If you’re the outdoorsy type, you know there’s nothing quite like enjoying a freshly-brewed cup of coffee after you climb out of your sleeping bag. Now that the sun is out in Seattle (finally!), we’ve decided it’s time to share a few secrets on how to brew the best cup of Joe while in the great outdoors:

1) Pack an AeroPress

Aeropress 1

Photo by @johnstonsjourney

The AeroPress is one of our favorite brewing methods when it comes to making coffee on-the-go. The lightweight design is perfect for throwing in your backpack to carry a hike, stroll on the beach, or even a breakfast picnic at the park. The AeroPress provides a fresh, clean cup of coffee without the over-extracted flavor of other brewing methods. Think of it as a more durable and portable french press that cleans up quickly and creates an incredibly smooth cup. Here’s a few tips on how to brew coffee with an AeroPress to get you well on your way to becoming a fabulous outdoor barista. 


hario grinder 1

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Brewing coffee outdoors doesn’t mean you need to use pre-ground or instant coffee. For the freshest cup possible, bring whole beans and grind them with a hand grinder right before you brew. We recommend the Hario Skerton Grinder for its lightweight design and precise grind. It only takes a few minutes to grind your beans by hand and it’s well worth the effort for a rich and flavorful cup. Freshness is measured in seconds. This is why it’s important to use freshly-ground coffee no matter where you explore this spring.

3) Brew like a cowboy

Cowboy coffee - dont use

Photo by The Golden State

If you ever wanted to be a cowboy, now is the time to live out that dream by brewing your coffee the way cowboys did fireside. Cowboy coffee is ideal if you don’t want to carry any extra coffee equipment. You just need a stove (or fire), water, coffee grounds, and a pot. First, take out your pot and add 2 tablespoons of coffee grounds for every 6-8 oz. of water. Bring this mixture to a boil then take the pot off the heat. Now, add 2-4 tablespoons of water to help the grounds settle. Your coffee grounds will fall to the bottom and you can pour yourself a homemade cup of coffee. Pro tip: Make sure you pour the coffee slowly for your grounds to remain at the bottom of the pot.

4)  Pull Shots on the go with a Minipresso

The Minipresso is an ultra compact and light-weight device to pull espresso shots on the go. We’ve tested out the Minipresso in our office recently and were pleasantly surprised. Without any fuss, this slick handheld espresso machined produced a rich espresso shot – with a nice crema. The sleek design of the Minipresso is perfect for traveling outdoors, weighing only 0.8 lb. Bring your coffee grounds and water with you, and you’ll be making yourself quality espresso wherever you please. Check out their video above to see how to pump your own espresso by hand.

We hope these four ways to brew coffee outdoors inspire you to brew your favorite drink with no limitations. Leave us a comment on our Facebook page to let us know how you like to make your coffee outside.

Brewing in the Beautiful Outdoors,

Team Bean Box


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