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4 Foods that Pair Perfectly with Coffee

Need something to go with your morning brew? Here are 4 foods that pair perfectly with coffee!


rip 2Photo by @ripvanwafels  

Rip van Wafels are coffee’s tasty best friend. They are inspired by the traditional Amsterdam stroopwafel but are much lower sugar. We like to place them on top of our afternoon coffee and try to contain our excitement as the filling gets warms and gooey. Even better, the wafel infuses the delicious aroma of the coffee. Grab some of these wafels here in flavors honey and oats, dark chocolate sea salt, traditional, or coconut. 

Pair your Rip Van Wafel with Zoka’s Cuatro Espresso Blend, a balanced espresso with a sweet nutty aroma and cocoa and graham cracker taste.

2. Seattle chocolates 

seattle choc 2Photo by Seattle Chocolates 

We love Seattle Chocolates! Each of our Bean Box’s includes one of these truffles for a chocolaty bite to go along with your coffee. They come in creative flavors, such as San Juan Sea Salt, Coconut Macaroon, and Champagne. They also have classics like espresso, milk chocolate, and peanut butter. Indulge in these bite sized delicacies here.

Pair these truffles with a medium roast such as Middle Fork’s Back Pedal Brew. This coffee has a bold buttery body, with rich chocolate undertones, and an incredibly clean finish.


Pumpkin-Chocolate-Coconut-Granola-1-682x1024Photo by Simply Real Health

A healthy, yet sweet, breakfast is a great way to start your morning. This pumpkin and chocolate granola is not only fitting for this fall weather, but also packs a lot of flavor with coconut, almonds, and chocolate, of course. This granola is also grain-free, so you won’t get the feeling of being weighed down by a big breakfast. You can eat it by itself or add in your choice of milk. We also think it’s delicious on top of fruit! Find the recipe here.

Pair with Velton’s Twlight Blend: a smooth, full-bodied coffee with notes of spice, dark chocolate, and a hint of cherry.

4. Doughnuts

doughnut 5Photo by @mightyodonuts 

Doughnuts and coffee are an age old classic. In Seattle, we stick with Mighty-O Donuts, who started baking their organic doughnuts in the basement of a vintage craftsman house in Seattle back in 2000. All of their doughnuts and glazes are made from scratch and use certified organic ingredients. We especially enjoy their DON King: a chocolate doughnut with vanilla glaze and coconut shavings (pictured above). Do you have a favorite doughnut shop in your city that makes scrumptious doughnuts for enjoying with coffee? Let us know!

Pair your doughnut with Tin Umbrella’s Hillman City Global Blend: a medium roast with hints of milk chocolate, sugar cane, spiced raisin, and sweet fruit.

Hope you found these 4 foods to fit perfectly with your cup of coffee. We’d love to hear what foods you like to eat while drinking a cup of Joe. Be sure to tell us in the comment section!

Sipping & Snacking, 

Team Bean Box  

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