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5 Romantic Coffee Inspired Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine's Day is coming up oh so soon. Use these coffee inspired Valentine's Day ideas to warm you up and start your day of love off right.

Valentine’s Day is coming up oh so soon. How are you and your special someone going to celebrate? Use these coffee inspired Valentine’s Day ideas to warm you up and start your day of love off right.

1. Coffee & Sunrise. Wake up early and take two coffees to-go. You can pack a light lunch and take a morning hike to see the sunrise. Or if you’re not a hiker, take a nice walk around your neighborhood as the sun peeks over the horizon and birds start singing love songs. What’s better than starting the day with a fresh, hot cup of coffee in one hand and your loved one’s in the other?

two coffees

2. Brunch for Two. Get cozy under the covers with some early afternoon pancakes and bacon. Who started this whole “eating at the table” thing anyways? We suggest preparing a pop-in-the-oven meal the night before, so all you have to do is heat up the oven and throw it in (please don’t literally throw it, that’s not very romantic). Here is an easy make-ahead brunch recipe: Overnight Stuffed French Toast


3. Coffee & Cookies. Share a cup of coffee and a fresh batch of cookies (heart-shaped) with someone you like a lot or a little bit. If you’re not down for doing an all-out meal for Valentine’s Day, try take-out and bake cookies for an easy sweet treat that goes well with a nice cup of good coffee. We recommend pairing hot sugar cookies with Lighthouse’s Roaster’s Choice. Add a touch of cream to this darkly roasted coffee for the perfect drink to dip in. Coffee, cookies, and love: what a tasty combination!

coffee cookiesphoto credit: Bianca Moraes. via photopin cc

4. Chocolate Coffee Dessert. Let’s be honest: chocolate and coffee are quite the cute couple. Let these two show off their perfect union in a chocolate and coffee twisted dessert. Here are a couple chocolate coffee recipes for your eating pleasure: Coffee Caramel Mousse Cakes, Espresso Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, Mocha Cupcakes with Kahlua Buttercream  

coffee cupcakesphoto credit: Phillip via photopin cc

5. Coffee Cocktails. Looking to spice up your Valentine’s Day? Nothing makes a partner more honest than a little afternoon coffee cocktail. Cause’ why not? You’re celebrating, remember! Try one of these coffee and booze infused drinks to get you going on this fiery holiday: Cold Coffee Caffè Shakerato, Dublin Iced Coffee, White Russian

iced coffee

We hope you enjoyed these Valentine’s Day ideas filled with coffee and love. Although, we are pretty sure they are the same thing.

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