Q&A with Barry from Broadcast Coffee Roasters

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We asked Barry Faught, owner of Broadcast Coffee Roasters, his unique coffee story and why he chose to start roasting in the highly competitive coffee city of Seattle.

1. What made you want to get in to roasting?

Control — We wanted to have more control of the coffees that we share with folks and to develop roasting profiles that we like to bring out the unique qualities of each coffee.

2. How would you describe your roasting style? What’s been the biggest influence on your style?

Our roasting style is intentional — There is no out of the box way to roast every coffee, we take many into consideration when we develop the process to capture the characteristic of that specific coffee. The biggest influence has been trial and error.

3. What makes your coffees unique?

Our coffee’s aren’t unique, but our selection process is. Anyone has access to the coffee’s we buy, we choose to share coffees with folks that we are excited about. What’s better than to have a show-and-tell session each and everyday!? ♦

Stay tuned for more roaster profiles from the top independent Seattle roasters working with us at Bean Box. Click here if you’d like to try Barry’s freshly roasted coffee. We especially like his Breaker One 9 coffee, which is a bold medium roast coffee, with tasting notes of chocolate, jasmine, and stone fruits. This smooth, yet heavy bodied roast tastes great black or with a dash of cream and sugar.

Boxing Up Broadcast,

Team Bean Box