Broadcast Coffee Visit and Cupping

Broadcast Cupping

We had the pleasure of visiting with the Broadcast team at their beautiful and chic Roosevelt location.  Started by Barry Fought, Broadcast now has three locations in the Seattle area and a new focus on roasting, which is quickly gaining attention.  Broadcast currently carries three well-crafted blends and a rotating menu of very intriguing single origin coffees. The range of coffees they offer would satisfy anyone from a coffee aficionado to a Starbucks regular looking to dip their toe in the craft coffee waters.

Barry is on a mission to help people explore and get out of their comfort zone with coffee.  He equates coffee to wine in illustrating the distinctions in body and flavor different coffee beans and roast profiles carry.  Broadcast Coffee’s predominately have a lighter roast profile giving them a really clean taste and bringing out the natural flavors of the beans.  We cupped their Guatemala La Hermosa, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, Crossfade Blend, and Breaker One 9. They were all incredible in their own ways.  The Guatemala hits you with chocolate and then fruit on the way down. The Ethiopia is sweet and tea-like.  The Breaker One 9 is a cleaner and earthier version of a dark roast that you would get at a traditional coffee shop. We were sold! Matthew and I are so excited to share freshly roasted Broadcast Coffees with Bean Box coffee members starting this October.



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