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Gifts for Coffee-Lovin’ Dads, by Personality

Fresh, Original, One-of-a-Kind Coffee Gifts for every kind of Dad. What's your Dad's Coffee Personality? Brew Up a Great Father's Day with Bean Box!

Gifts for Coffee-Lovin’ Dads, by Personality

Dads can be tricky to find gifts for, especially if he’s one of those men who already has everything, or has his own specific tastes. But if Dad likes coffee, gift opportunities abound!

Here at Bean Box, we think coffee is a perennial experience: there’s a new opportunity every morning to make your (or someone special’s) cup even more fantastic– whether it’s a new, unique or hard-to-find coffee, a new brew method or accessory, or even a new bit of knowledge.

So, as our two founders are both also fathers, here are a few of our favorite Father’s Day coffee gifts for every type of dad.

1. The Sporty Dad

Coffee Gifts for Sporty Dads

The Coffee Gift:

Westlake Blend by Conduit Coffee Roasters

Drip Blend by Herkimer Coffee

Bistro Blend by Caffe Vita

The Add-On: Coffee BBQ Rub

The Reason: Coffee is a sporty guy’s coach, his pit crew; a drink that fuels him up so he can put his energy into what he loves, whether that involves actively participating or actively spectating. These roasts are easy, medium-roast crowd-pleasers, whether you’re brewing solo or for a tailgate crowd. Throw in a flavorful coffee BBQ rub (you can make your own with fresh coffee grounds!).

2. The Outdoorsy Dad

Coffee Gifts for Outdoorsy Dads

The Coffee Gift:

Sumatra Mandheling by Middle Fork Roasters

Organic Sumatra by Longshoreman’s Daughter

Moka-Java Blend by True North Coffee Roasters

The Add-on: Bring dad his coffee (and breakfast) in bed, and then take him on a hike.

The Reason: Sumatran, Indonesian, and South East Asian coffees have that lovely, rich “terroir” aspect to them– earthy, spicy flavor notes you don’t find anywhere else. It’s a special way to feel connected to the Earth, whether dad is out in the wide world hiking, climbing, or biking, or relaxing on the couch.

3. The Geeky Dad

Coffee Gifts for Geeky Dads

The Coffee Gift: Seattle Coffee Subscription Box

The Add-On: A make-your-own Florence Siphon (via Make Magazine)

The Reason: Geeky dads love to tinker, experiment, and try new gadgets! With our sampler, Dad gets to try four different coffee picks every month, curated to provide plenty of variety among roast profiles, roasters, areas of the world, and flavor notes. As an added bonus for a geeky dad, buy him all the components to make his own coffee siphon, an unusual, fun, alchemy-like way to brew.

4. The Classy Dad (Minus Bad Habits)

Coffee Gifts for Classy Dads

The Coffee Gift:

Portofino Blend by Fonte Coffee Roasters

Stemwinder Blend by Fundamental Coffee Company

Diablo Roast by Ladro Roasting

The Add-On: A fine cigar (for pairing with coffee, we suggest Montecristo White or Rocky Patel Connecticut)

The Reason: Like wine, coffee is an area where dads can express themselves through their own specific tastes. Treat dad to one of the classic dark roasts and, if Dad’s the type, treat him to a cigar that mirrors and enhances the smokey complexity of his cup.

5. The “Mr. Mom” Dad

Coffee Gifts for Dads with Little Kids

The Coffee Gift:

Breaker 1-9 Blend by Broadcast

Colombia El Espejo by True North

Guatemala Reserve by Vashon Island Coffee Roasters

The Add-On: Spill-proof Bodum coffee mug (the adult version of a sippy cup)

The Reason: If your favorite Dad has a little kid in his life (and both our founders do), he needs all the caffeine he can get! Creamy, chocolatey light-medium roasts won’t weigh him down, make every breakfast feel like a treat (one he won’t have to share!), and as a bonus, all of these roasts make fantastic iced coffee. Prevent extra cleaning duty with a securely-sealed mug.

6. The Hipster Dad

Coffee Gifts for Hipster Dads

The Coffee Gift:

Ethiopia Guji by Slate

Mexico Nayarita by Velton’s Coffee Company

Guatemala Rosma by Seattle Coffee Works

The Add-On: Chemex and Chemex Lid

The Reason: Hipster dads thrive on the unique, the innovative, the up-and-coming. Delight his taste buds with fun single origins with bright fruity flavors, and a pour-over accessory that really draws out the flavor. Does he already have a Chemex? Get him a Chemex lid–a cute addition to keep the coffee hot (and looking ultra-cool).

7. The Travel-Loving Dad

Coffee Gifts for Travel Dads

The Coffee Gift:

Our World Coffee Tour by 16 local roasters

Our Seattle Coffee Tour by 16 local roasters

A Regional Coffee Tour of Latin America, Africa, or Indonesia

The Add-On: Uncommon Grounds: The History of Coffee and How it Transformed Our World

The Reason: Coffee is truly a world industry, and an amazing way to experience a true diversity of smells, tastes, and traditions. Whether Dad’s a traveler or an armchair traveler, our tour boxes give special, firsthand insight into what makes different coffees unique and what ties them together. Supplement a coffee tour with a great book on the history of coffee around the world and, the next time Dad travels, he’ll know exactly what kind of coffee to look forward to!

The Final Word:

Whatever you do for Dad this holiday, remember that dads are very much like coffee: always there for you, and always poised to make the everyday a little more special.

Does your Dad love coffee? Check out our Coffee Gift Baskets and Boxes to find the perfect Father’s Day gift.
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