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What is Crema?

What is Crema? Crema is a layer of foam balancing over your hot espresso shot. An espresso without crema is like a cake without frosting.


An espresso without crema is like a cake without frosting: highly questionable and not worth your time.

What is Crema? Crema is a layer of foam balancing over your hot espresso shot.  A light, reddish brown color, crema forms when water is forced through coffee grounds at a high pressure.

Why is Crema Important? Crema tells you about your coffee. You know your coffee is fresh if the shot appears to be entirely crema as it’s brewing. After the shot is poured, the espresso and crema will separate. This doesn’t happen with older coffee, since it is watery and not as thick. If there is any crema in older coffee, it will go away quickly. A nice, settled crema means the brewed coffee wasn’t pulled incorrectly or thin (espresso is usually thicker than other brew methods). This layer of creamy froth is the perfect topper to your boost of caffeine. So sip it slowly, and watch out for a foam mustache.

Covered in Crema, 

Team Bean Box

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