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The Journey from Fruit to Cup: How the Technique Affects Taste

What are the differences between washed and unwashed coffee? Learn easy facts about the key methods of coffee processing.

coffee cherryEver wondered how coffee goes from a fruit to your morning cup? There are a few different ways, actually. We’ll help you learn the key methods in hopes of schooling someone at your next dinner party or when sipping new roasts with your coffee snob friends. First, begin by telling them it is important to know how coffee is processed when evaluating why certain coffees taste differently.

Then guess the tasting notes based on whether or not the coffee was processed using the unwashed or washed processing method. Finally, wow them all with facts on each of the most popular processing methods:

Unwashed COFFEE Process

Washed COFFEE Process

Farmer in gabela kwanza sul province angola dries coffee in a field after harvest

Slate’s Brazil Sitio Groto Funda is a delicious coffee that was processed with the unwashed method. This light roast begins with powerful sweet notes of marshmallow, date, and vanilla then ends with subtle dried fruit notes of cranberry and fig.

Want to try a coffee that utilizes the washed process? Herkimer’s Drip Blend is a refreshing medium roast with a deep chocolate flavor and hints of cherry and caramelized sugar. Whatever coffee processing method you prefer, you will be enjoying a unique cup of coffee that has gone through a complex process before getting into your cup. Now, go ahead and impress everyone with your coffee knowledge: we beli(bean)* in you.

Mingling at the Coffee Snob Party,

Team Bean Box

*apologizes for the beli(bean) joke. Must drink more coffee.

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