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Fact & Fiction: What Mom told you about coffee

Coffee Fact and Fiction

Growing up, Mom knew best. She answered your many, many questions and tried to guide you toward safe solutions instead of outlandish ideas. But as you get older, there’s a time you realize not everything she said was true: your face won't stick that way and coffee won't stunt your growth. That’s right: smart and self-assured Mom sometimes got a few things wrong (on purpose or not). As coffee experts, we’re here to help you navigate coffee facts and fiction. Share this with your Mom over a cup as proof that you can be right sometimes!

Spilled beansFICTION: Coffee stays fresh in the freezer

The freezer may be Mom’s saving grace for quick dinners, but it is not the best place for your coffee beans. Don’t blame Mom - it is a common myth that putting your coffee in the freezer keeps it fresh. In reality, moisture in the freezer causes the beans to rot and lose their oils: once the coffee loses its oils, kiss that fabulous smell and flavor goodbye. Stale, flavorless coffee? No, thank you (Mom taught me those manners).

coffee with creamer

FICTION: Coffee tastes better with tons of creamer

Well, this could be up for debate: however, I’ll let you know why should try your coffee black. Pouring creamer in your coffee is somewhat like adding sugar to your wine. Why would you ruin the flavor of something that was already handcrafted for your palate? Coffee has its own subtle flavors based on where its grown, how its processed, and where its roasted. A well caramelized Guatemalan coffee can have rich chocolaty notes and a smooth body. African coffees have a higher acid content, which brings out tasting notes like blueberries and raspberries. Our Ethiopian coffee by Kuma even has hints of lime and vanilla. Tasting your coffee is an exciting experience that can bring you to any part of the world. Mom always encouraged you to try new things didn’t she?

coffee grinder 1

FACT: It’s important to keep things clean

Contrary to the popular belief that not cleaning your coffee equipment adds flavor, it's important to wash your coffee gear in order to achieve a great cup. Dirty, old grounds stuck in your grinder and coffee maker have a way of finding themselves in the coffee you brew. Coffee oils on your equipment will also go rancid and leave your coffee as gross as your bedroom Mom used to force you to clean. Make sure you clean your equipment weekly: we aren’t going to tell you twice.

On that note, happy almost Mother’s Day! We hope you learned some truths about your favorite morning drink and that Mom didn’t lead you astray too much. Be sure to check out our freshly roasted gift cards for your coffee lovin’ Mom.

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