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Fonté Discusses Changing the Roasting Game in Seattle

Roasting in Seattle since 1992, Fonté is a local favorite. This is the unique story of Paul Odom, owner Fonté Coffee Roasters.

fonte 2 Roasting in Seattle since 1992, Fonté is a local favorite as well as the source of coffee for many luxury hotels. Their dark blends are some of the richest, smoothest roasts we’ve tasted, and their 20+ years of expertise shine through in the cup. This is the unique story of Paul Odom, owner of Fonté Coffee Roasters.

1. What made Paul want to get in to roasting?

At the age of 22, Paul’s entrepreneurial spirit led him into the coffee roasting business. He started by purchasing a small Probate roaster and met Steve Smith, the first roaster given the Master Roaster title. He started by opening ten coffee shops in Anchorage, Los Angeles, and Chicago. He soon found himself being asked by customers who tried Fonté Coffee if they could buy it for their restaurants and hotels. Fonté continues to supply hotels and restaurants across the country. The Fonté Cafe & Wine Bar opened in Seattle in 2009: offering customers across the country a means to purchase and drink Fonté Coffee wherever they may wander.

2. How would you describe the Fonté roasting style? What’s been the biggest influence on your style?

The Fonté approach to roasting is one that emphasizes the development of the inherent character of each coffee. The foundation of speciality coffee is the fact that differing growing conditions, processing methods, and varieties of coffee work together to create, in the best of coffees, a flavor signature that is unique to it. With care and experience that signature can be refined in the roasting process to most clearly and intensely manifest that unique character on the palate.

The biggest influence on the Fonté roasting style is the potential flavors brought by each coffee: our skill lies in identifying those flavors and developing them to their greatest advantage through roasting.

3. What makes Fonté unique?

Our coffee. We have consistently roasted, in our style, for over 23 years. Our roast-to-order program was one of the first implemented in the industry. Our long time customers, who continue to enjoy our coffee every day, are the proof that our coffee tastes great. Try it. You won’t be disappointed. We supply coffee to some of the leading hotels and restaurants: Four Seasons, The Wynn, W Hotels, Peninsula, Freds at Barneys, The Phoenician, and many more. ♦

Stay tuned for more roaster profiles from the top independent Seattle roasters working with us at Bean Box. Click here if you’d like to try Paul’s freshly roasted coffee. We especially like his Portofino Blend, which is a smooth dark roast with earthy, herbal notes and a velvety finish.

Fixing a Cup of Fonté,

Team Bean Box

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