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Herkimer Coffee Visit & Cupping

Learn more about Herkimer Coffee, a local Seattle roasting company. At the forefront of Seattle specialty roasting since the 90's.

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The Herkimer roasting team has been at the forefront of Seattle specialty roasting since the 90’s.  We were able to get the full Herkimer Coffee story and experience thanks to owner Mike Prins and roast master Scott Richardson.  We soaked up  everything from how they source beans to a comprehensive cupping of their current roasts.

Herkimer’s Probat roaster is located right behind their cafe so customers know their coffee is fresh.


We tried nine roasts varying in origin, acidity, and elevation to help us select the first Herkimer roast to feature in Bean Box.  Scott was our tour guide as he told stories of each roast along the way.  The attention to detail of the Herkimer team is truly amazing.


While our roast selection for the first Bean Box is a surprise, we promise you’ll love it.  We look forward to working with Herkimer Coffee to help you discover your favorites.


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