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How to Properly Enjoy Your Rip van Wafel

Rip van Wafel produces delicious wafel treats that pair wonderfully with coffee. What are they and how do you properly enjoy a Rip van Wafel? We have answers!


We love Rip van Wafels. These wafels are a classic pair with coffee in the same way peanut butter goes with jelly and, dare we say it, an even better companion than the doughnut. They are inspired by the Amsterdam Stroopwafel which consists of a sweet molasses like syrup sandwiched between two waffle like wafers. These wafels go perfectly with your coffee and we have a few simple steps to make sure you are enjoying your wafel to its full potential.

1. Pour yourself a freshly roasted cup of coffee

Choose your favorite roast or try a new light, fruity single origin or well-balanced blend from a world-renowned Seattle roaster here.

2. Take your wafel and place it on top of your coffee cup

You might be wondering why would I put my wafel on top of my cup? By placing the wafel on top of your steaming hot cup of coffee, it allows the delicious filling of your wafel to warm up and get gooey. The filling is a perfect blend of bourbon vanilla, cinnamon, and molasses. While your wafel balances on your cup, it also absorbs all of those wonderful aromas from the coffee.

3. Try to summon the willpower to wait a few minutes and not eat the wafel before it gets nicely warmed. Enjoy!

These wafels are perfect on their own but if you are looking to spice up your wafel eating experience, there are ways to be creative. Rip van Wafel has many great ideas on how to create delicious treats with your wafel, including this great fall wafel recipe.


Photo by Rip van Wafels

Traditional Fall Cinnamon Bun

-1 Traditional wafel

-Creamy greek yogurt

-Raisins, pecan pieces and cinnamon to taste!

Put a large spoonful of greek yogurt on top of your wafel and decorate it with chunks of pecans, raisins, and a dash of cinnamon.

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