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Kuma Coffee Visit & Cupping

Kuma Coffee is known for their precision roasting and award-winning coffees. A company that focuses exclusively on roasting and wholesale.

A lifelong love of African coffee inspired Mark Barnany to start Kuma Coffee in 2007. Kuma is known for their precision roasting and award-winning coffees. They focus exclusively on roasting and wholesale so you won’t find a Kuma cafe around Seattle any time soon.  This gives Mark, Peter Mark, and team the time to directly source and perfect their coffee roasts. Something they take great pride in and we can appreciate with every sip of Kuma coffee.


We cupped four excellent single origin roasts, including El Salvador Nombre Dios Honey, Guatemala La Esperanza, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Aricha, and Kenya Wamuguma.  They ranged beautifully with more fruit flavor as we moved left to right.  Kuma Coffee is noticeably clean and every note is distinct.  This is a result of their precise roasting technique aided by their beautiful Loring roaster.

loringroaster copy

We’re very excited to feature Kuma Coffee in our very first Bean Box and look forward to a long partnership with them.  We’ll let the first Kuma featured roast be a surprise for our first customers.

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