The Story of Lori Mason & Her Yellow Roaster

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We asked Lori Mason, owner of Longshoreman’s Daughter Coffee and ETG Coffee and Bakery, how she got started in the coffee business and why her coffee is unique.

1. What made you want to get in to roasting?

I went into coffee roasting when I realized I could buy a small roaster for the exact amount of
money my father (the longshoreman) was gifting me and my siblings; one brother bought a hydroplane, the other brother bought his wife a car, my sister bought braces for her daughter, and I bought a sunny yellow Diedrich 2.5 kilo coffee roaster.

2. How would you describe your roasting style? What’s been the biggest influence on your style?

Since I didn’t know how to roast, my son, a glass blower and longshoreman, came to help me figure out the green bean. We basically used a technique glass blowers use (sorta – kinda) logging every move and temperature and naming the successes gentle drop 1, gentle drop 2, thus creating a “roasting profile”.

3. What makes your coffees unique?

Now 4.5 years later, I have two roasters: one big and one little, both yellow. I’m also a certified Q grader and an Everything-About-Coffee enthusiast, I like to roast each coffee of origin, preserving the characteristics and uniqueness of the bean.  And then I drink the fruit of my labor and dance around. ♦

Stay tuned for more roaster profiles from the top independent Seattle roasters working with us at Bean Box. Click here if you’d like to try Lori’s freshly roasted coffee. We especially like her Loaded Blend with tasting notes of chocolate, berry, cedar, and molasses. Happy sipping!

Loving All Things Yellow,

Team Bean Box