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Bean Box Love! #beanbox

Watch Jason Coffee Reviews Seattle Coffees from Bean Box via YouTube!

Jason Coffee Reviews Seattle Coffees from Bean Box via YouTube

thesubscriptionboxlady via Instagram


October 2014 Bean Box – generously sent to me by the bean people themselves to review for you guys! Bean Box is a Seattle-based coffee subscription with a focus on freshness and let me tell you, they are not messing around! This box was shipped within 24 hours of roasting the beans. My October box included roasts from: #kumacoffee #herkimercoffee #lighthouseroasters and #longshoremansdaughter! I am a huge coffee drinker, black bevause I actually like the taste of a good cup (it is not supposed to leave a bad taste on your mouth my friends, that expensive brand everyone loves is burnt!) and this coffee was amazing! I only got to try the Kona so far but I highly recommend this subscription if you are looking for small batch, fresh coffee to really enjoy! #beanbox @beanbox Subscribe at!

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@JasonCoffee Review Teaser via Twitter

Marjorie Clark @marjiebc via Twitter

Coffee Detective via Facebook

Marjorie Clark @marjiebc via Twitter

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Tasty coffee surprises! @beanboxcoffee #coffee #seattle

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Susie Fritzky via Twitter

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kris10payne via Instagram


My first #beanbox my percolator is going to be super excited to brew these amazing #seattle roasts! #coffeeaddiction. I love when my friends start cool new buisnesses!

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Look what just showed up! My October 2014 Bean Box!! Say “Hey!” to my hometown artisan coffee roasters! $20/mo. for 4 artisan Seattle coffees. My review will be up in a day or two on Until then use bitsandboxes1 to get 15% off anything (shop items and subscriptions) at! #beanbox #myfirstbeanbox #subscriptionbox #coffee #seattle #coffeeroasts #artisancoffee #brew #java #stopandsmellthecoffee #coffeebeans

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