Why We Love Puffy Coffee Bags, You Should Too

puffybags2When we started shipping coffee, customers immediately noticed their bags filled with beans had “puffed up”. Some people questioned, “Is this bag angry at me? Are my beans begging to stretch out?”

All valid questions, but we are here to assure you: puffiness is normal! Some might argue puffy is the new black. Okay, maybe not, but puffy bags are a good sign when it comes to fresh coffee.  Once beans are roasted, they naturally emit CO2.  This gas keeps out moisture and air in a process called degassing. Beans start to go stale after two weeks by way of lipid oxidation and other processes. In oxidation, electrons from oxygen molecules bind to flavor-generating compounds to produce newer, not-so-delicious tastes.  Binding to hydrogen, additional moisture is created, which further accelerates decay.

If you ever have the chance to taste a fresh bean alongside a stale one (they’re not hard to find!), chew the beans whole, starting with the fresh one. You’ll notice that the fresh bean carries a sweetness that the stale bean doesn’t. After chewing the stale bean, you’ll likely want to go brush your teeth. Think of it as a science experiment. Chewing beans for science. You will be able to taste the difference!

If you’re new to drinking freshly roasted coffee, you’re in for a treat. Imagine: closing your eyes while sipping in coffee that has hints of strawberry, honeydew, or chocolate. These delicious coffees are always best fresh, and that is why we pack them up for you and send them off within 48 hours! All in all, embrace your puffy bags. They hold something very special.

Swimming in Beans,

Bean Box