The Meaning of Espresso: Is it a Bean or Something Else?


The Confusion

Many people wonder what espresso actually means.

After buying chocolate covered espresso beans, some people look strangely at the bag and think, “surely espresso is the bean itself.” Others are left to wonder if it is a darkly roasted coffee because of its caffeine boost and kick-you-in-the-face coffee flavor. Certain people believe espresso has a different name entirely and pronounce it “expresso.”

What’s Espresso, Anyway?

We are here to tell you: espresso is not a type of bean, roast, or spelled with an “x” for that matter. Espresso is a way of making coffee. It is prepared by pushing water through finely ground coffee, which creates a concentrated 1-2 oz. shot. To create a strong flavor, espresso is often made from a mix of roasts and varietals. There’s a common misconception espresso is the strongest form of coffee or has a higher caffeine concentration, but, in actuality, a shot of espresso has 1/3rd the caffeine of a normal cup of coffee.

espresso3How Can You Tell if Your Espresso’s Good

You can tell you have a good espresso when it is covered in a layer of crema. Crema is a the thick, creamy layer of foam that balances on top of the shot. It is created from the water being forced at a high pressure through the coffee grounds.

Espresso is appreciated all over the world. It is more popular in Europe than America, especially in Italy. People are often afraid to try espresso, because they think it will have a dark, burnt taste. But really, it is the perfect caffeinated sip that is truly an art and a science.
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