My Morning Brew: Tom Leung, CEO of Anthology

My Morning Brew features the coffee rituals of Bean Box customers. People from all walks of life — from CEOs to athletes to your average Joe.


Bean Box customer, Tom Leung, is the co-founder & CEO of Anthology, a “confidential career matchmaking tool for people who aren’t “looking” but open to learning about new, screened opportunities.” Tom has been friends of Bean Box founders, Ryan and Matthew, for years, and even interviewed Matthew for his career stories podcast! Now, how he likes his coffee…

1. Describe your coffee routine. (How do you brew? What do you like?)

At home I brew espresso and steam milk to make a mean latte. At the office, I brew drip. I used to roast raw beans on my own but then I had kids so Bean Box is the next best thing.

2. What’s your favorite item/experience to pair with a cup of coffee? (i.e. music, books, a pastry, iPad, etc.)

I’m the first to get up in the morning so coming down to the kitchen and making my fresh latte with some nice dark beans. I put on the Morning Joe news podcast, drink my coffee, and triage my inbox or work on marketing stuff. It’s divine.

3. When you grab a coffee at a café, what’s your order?

Double tall latte. I like the combo of rich coffee flavor and creamy roundness of the steamed milk.

4. What’s been your most memorable coffee drinking experience?

I was making a Bean Box and had some Fonté coffee with a little bit of sugar and cream after a thai lunch and the combination of the aroma, the way the coffee felt in your mouth, the combo of sweetness from the cream and punch of the dark bean, and the fact it had almost no acidic aftertaste was like having a warm, sweet butter blanket wrapped around your tongue. ♦

Thanks to Tom for sharing his story in My Morning Brew! Stay tuned for more Bean Box customers’ coffee lives behind the scenes.

Cupping with Our Customers,

Team Bean Box