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Subtle & Sweet: The Best Chocolaty Coffee in Seattle

Find the best chocolaty coffee in Seattle! With tastes of chocolate and hints of fruit, these coffees are the perfect treat for early mornings or sleepy afternoons.

Photo by ChocXO

The holidays are here! Snow, twinkly lights, and delicious treats. It’s time to put on an ugly sweater and cozy up to the fire with a steamy cup of coffee that tastes of sweet milk chocolate.

Here’s our list of the best chocolaty coffees in Seattle. With tastes of chocolate and hints of fruit, these coffees are the perfect treat for early mornings or sleepy afternoons.

Herkimer’s Drip Blend

Herkimer’s Drip Blend is a medium roast you just might want to drink every day. The smell of chocolate will lovingly drift up towards you as you pour the beans into your grinder. With hints of cherry and caramelized sugar, this coffee will be at the top of your holiday list.

Conduit’s Westlake Blend

Conduit’s Westlake Blend is for those times when you want something sweet but not too sweet. It tastes like a cup of chocolate with a dash of brown sugar. Mild, but not overpowering, this coffee will surprise you like a kiss under the mistletoe.

Other Chocolaty Coffees (yummmm):

In Chocolaty Coffee Bliss, 

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