When is Your Favorite Single Origin Coffee Available?

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Single Origins By Season 

Ever wonder why your favorite single origin coffee is only available part of the time? Coffee, like other fruits and vegetables, has growing seasons, which are determined by varietal and location. Coffee beans are harvested during the dry season, and the harvest/processing operations can last a number of weeks, as can the time it takes to then ship the beans to the U.S. and worldwide.

Unroasted coffee beans can last over a year in storage, but flavors will begin to fade over a period of time. Most specialty roasters prefer to roast coffee up to 6 months to a year from harvest, to ensure the most desirable flavor profile.

Although harvesting, processing, and shipping times will vary, here’s an idea of when some of your favorite single-origin green beans may begin popping up at your local cafe:

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A few of our single origin coffee crushes right now are from Guatemala and Ethiopia. Zoka Coffee Roaster’s Guatemala Bourbon Natural has a sweet boysenberry flavor and silky body. This rich cup would pair nicely with dessert due to its spice cake and cookie aftertaste. If you’re looking for the perfect summer coffee, Ladro’s Ethopian Harrar Mesela is deliciously fruity with hints of wild huckleberry, clove, and pomegranate. These juicy and bright coffees are a great way to treat yourself in the morning and for a nice cup after dinner. Cheers!
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