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Burr Grinding for the Aficionado

Grind to impress with this beautiful hand grinder

This beautiful Japanese handgrinder is eco-friendly and provides a grind worthy of any coffee aficionado. The Hario Skerton's ceramic burr grinder cracks your coffee beans like a pepper mill cracks pepper, maximizing the surface area and flavor that can be extracted from the coffee. The easy to adjust settings are perfect for creating everything from superfine grounds for espresso to course grounds for pour overs. We love how the Skerton’s compact size and built in storage lid make it ideal for travel and making coffee outdoors.
  • Perfect for any brewing method
  • Ceramic conical burr ensures a precise grind
  • Great for travel and making coffee outdoors
  • Includes a lid to store coffee and keep it fresh
  • Non-slip rubber base keeps the grinder in place while grinding

Price: $49.95