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Coffee Gifts » Bean Box - Holiday Coffee Sampler
Holiday Coffee Sampler
Whole bean coffee • 4 bags x 1.8 ounces • 7.2 ounces total per box
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Holiday Coffee Sampler

18 customer reviews

Gift the ultimate holiday coffee tasting experience to a coffee lover. Our highly-coveted holiday blends are crafted in limited batches by our 30 artisan roasters to celebrate the season. These roasts capture the joy of the holidays with tasting notes, including: toasted chestnut, cranberry, sugar & spice, and everything nice. Every Holiday Coffee Sampler features 4 freshly roasted coffees, 2 artisan chocolates, and tasting notes. Treat yourself or someone special to great mornings this holiday season.

  • 4 artisan holiday blends
  • 2 holiday-inspired chocolate bars
  • World-renowned artisan roasters
  • Freshness guaranteed
  • Add a personal gift note for a nice touch
  • FREE shipping in the US

Why Bean Box

Our Freshness is Guaranteed

Fresh coffee is never bitter. With Bean Box, your coffee gift ships freshly roasted. Unlike coffee that sits on shelves, ours arrives rich with flavor, bursting with unique tastes like chocolate, hazelnut, and cherry. Freshness matters, and we’ll prove it.

Award-Winning, Small Batch Roasters

A Bean Box is a VIP pass to Seattle’s top independent roasters (rockstars). Every Bean Box includes a roaster profile, tasting notes, and a brew guide to capture the story behind the coffee.

Hand Curated, Unique Coffees

Every Bean Box contains coffee we select, sample, and curate by hand. In most cases, we select coffees only available for a limited period, or roasts found nowhere else.

How It Works

We hand-pick gourmet coffees from Seattle and Portland's top roasters every month.

Whole bean coffee ships to your recipient freshly roasted to ensure peak flavor.

They brew and enjoy discovering new favorites from world-renowned coffee roasters.

Customer Reviews

"You don't know what Seattle coffee culture truly is until it's delivered to your door!"

"I love Bean Box. I highly recommend the monthly subscription... the customer service is outstanding."

"My boyfriend absolutely adores it. It's by far the best coffee we've ever had!"

"I love working with Bean Box. They are so responsive, helpful, and accommodating with our last minute requests."
Bean Box is a Google Trusted Store with 4.9 out of 5 stars • Read all 900+ reviews

"Loved this coming out of a Kalita Wave 185. smoky and syrupy indeed without being charred or bitter, 100%. Brewing this as pour over around 202 degrees and using a touch more water ratio, 24g beans to 390ml water helped. Would buy a bag of this, for sure." (5 out of 5)

"I can really taste the sweet cherry as a top note, very nice ! The blend is smooth and dark. Really enjoyed this one. " (5 out of 5)

"This is a great cup of dark roast coffee. The simple earthy flavors make it easy to drink and pair with or without creamer. Although dark roasts are not usually my favorite, I love to try them because of coffee just like this one, a nice bold flavor that is easy to drink, with subtle flavors. " (4 out of 5)

"A nice little light roast bean. Subtle hints of chocolate. " (4 out of 5)

"I did like this coffee but just wasn't excited about it. The single note is fine....I can deal with pepper. And it is smooth, but I did not get bold." (4 out of 5)

"Another good coffee. I especially liked the hints of molasses and cocoa. " (4 out of 5)

"Best flavored coffee I ever had! I was so impressed with how much flavor came through in a single sip " (5 out of 5)

"While I very much enjoyed the Nayarita, the fruit flavors were not nearly as pronounced as the Kilenso by Slate. This one would fall within my Top20 favorites; a very good cuppa. " (4 out of 5)

"This has to be the best coffee company out there.this blend is perfect for every occasion." (5 out of 5)

"Another delicious Costa Rican coffee. I look forward to sipping in a month all the bountiful coffees. I brewed this with chemex. Bright, yummy floral notes I didn't taste peanut butter like other reviewer. " (4 out of 5)

"Brewed this using a french press and was pleasantly surprised at it's rich but not heavy flavor. Usually beans marked as medium to dark are to strong for me, this brewed like a solid medium roast and was aromatic and had a nutty flavor with a smooth finish. " (4 out of 5)

"This is absolutely delicious. I use a Melitta pourover cone and am curious as to how it would be in an aeropress. I can definitely see ordering this one again. " (5 out of 5)

"It was my first Brazilian. I thought it was good. I prefer more complex coffees, like Ethiopians." (4 out of 5)

"The beans were a little oily and left a residue on my grinders, but still very smooth and buttery." (4 out of 5)

"Roaster's notes are correct! A true chocolate mimosa. Perfectly balanced roast. Perfect for french press. " (5 out of 5)

"Great coffee for breakfast. Definitely buying again!" (4 out of 5)

"Delicious and unique notes of strawberry, watermelon, and honey. Bright and satisfying. Best light roast." (5 out of 5)

"I like my coffee dark and bold. This delivered. I use a coffee press and could taste the full body blend. If you like extra dark then this is for you! " (4 out of 5)

Our Roasters

Our Freshness Guarantee

Coffee is best brewed with fresh beans. That's why we ship only freshly roasted coffee, so you can enjoy your coffee at its peak flavor.