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Bluebeard Coffee Roasters - Banko Gutiti Natural

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Banko Gutiti Natural (#517)

Bluebeard Coffee Roasters

Roast: Light roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Single Origin

Tastes: Vanilla, Nutty, Chocolate

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bluebeard Coffee Roasters Story

A favorite from last year is back: this year, with more blueberry... or should we say brew-berry? The sweet, layered notes in this cup remind us of ice cream, blueberry syrup, a sprinkle of nuts. Say yes to the Yirgacheffe!

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

32 customer reviews

"4.7 / 5 - So much blueberry! blueberry, chocolate, vanilla, cashew(?). Hint of maple, and a twinge of citrus. Almost tea."

"This coffee is pure blueberry, light and delicious. If you enjoy fruit forward brews, this is a must try. Absolutely delicious. Brewed with a v60."

"Brewed with a v60 pour over. VERY blueberry. Light and sweet with more subtle vanilla. Very unique...too much blueberry for me but some will love it."

"Another GREAT coffee this month; the Banko Gutiti Natural! Complex notes of caramel, Vanilla, Cacao Nib, and an extremely light hint of berry make for a delicate, tea-like cup!"

"The blueberry is very noticeable in this light roast. "

"Wonderful coffee right here! This is a favorite. The smell right out of the bag is just amazing. All of my favorite notes rolled into one perfect roast."

"Easily becoming one of my favorite blends to drink when I'm in the mood for one thats on the sweeter fruity side. Almost gives your tastebuds a flash back to a blueberry pop tart. I should say that lightly its not too overwhelming. Overall a great blend! A treat for your mouth! "

"The blueberry flavor is noticeable but not overly potent. its a hint in the background, almost like you are having a blueberry muffin with your morning coffee. The light roast makes this coffee nice and light. Only adding a little half and half and a little stevia and its perfect. french press brew."

"This was not one of my favorites as it was a little to fruity in my opion."

"This is awesome! It is like a blueberry donut with the calories. If you love blueberries this one is for you. "

"Good coffee if you like blueberry coffee. Smooth but a little too strong for my tastes. nutty hints there but blueberry taste was a little too overpowering. "

"If you like blueberries, you will enjoy this coffee. The flavor is very pronounced and hides some of the other notes. "

"Great cup of coffee. The blueberry is very pronounced with a chocolate finish. "

"The beans smell amazing, very strongly of blueberries and vanilla. The coffee tastes like a blueberry muffin, but not very sweet. It's a strong taste and the overall fruitiness made it have almost an acidic taste, but otherwise it was a solid and unique coffee. Made with a moka pot."

"Fresh, nice even brew with good quality beans, however it was too fruity/sour for me. I brewed it using distilled water in my Breville Grind control machine. I did taste the peach and blueberry notes as described, but no chocolate or vanilla."

"A very light bean with a low amount of acidity. One of the more flavourful coffees I've received, but a little too fruity for my liking. Good for any hot or cold drink! Would recommend to light/fruity coffee lovers."

"This coffee created a mix or stir in our house. While this was not one of my favorites (too much blueberry taste and smell), it was an instant win with my girlfriend. I was not taken by the blueberry, but upon walking in the door and smelling blueberry, my girlfriend was an instant fan. She loved it"

"The coffee itself is good. My boyfriend loved it, but I don’t prefer blueberry and that is the strongest flavor for me! Good coffee, though."

"Very strong berry flavors. Medium body, low acidity. Brewed with aeropress."

"This coffee was very enjoyable. Or an overpowering coffee but the fruity flavours jumped out of the cup "

"One mean cup of coffee, you can really taste the blueberry. I'd definitely be happy to see this show back up in the monthly subscription rotation. Brew Methods Used - aeropress (inverted), La Pavoni Europiccola espresso machine."

"Really interesting and unique, but the blueberry scent and taste was too overpowering for our preference."

"Not my "cup of tea" at all. Very fruity tasting and strong grape or blueberry flavors coming through for me. "

"This tasted almost like a blueberry muffin of scone. I would say it’s almost better as a dessert coffee. Would definitely drink with a morning pastry."

"This one was unique with the blueberry profile. My family and I enjoyed this coffee. An everyday varietal? I'm not sure. It was exotic and delicious. "

"to me this one has pungent smell and flavor not really one of my favorites"

"This have been our favorite. Though I'm sure the taste is desired by many it's got a strong flavor of blueberry that just want for us. "

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