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Broadcast Coffee Roasters - Colombia Juan Miguel

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Colombia Juan Miguel (#395)

Broadcast Coffee Roasters

Roast: Light roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Single Origin

Tastes: Cherry, Floral, Strawberry

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

We’re gobsmacked by the sweet red wine and strawberry preserve flavors in this syrupy, fruit-forward Colombian. It’ll be the cherry on top of your Sunday (or any day of the week).

Broadcast Coffee Roasters Story

Our newest direct trade Colombian comes from the Sandona area of Narino. This coffee tastes like few of the Colombians do today, with notes of cherries, fruit, and creamy orange blossom.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

13 customer reviews

"A light roast, but taste was strong. I would describe it as acid with floral hidden notes."

"A solid cup, but not my favorite. floral notes are prominent in this light Columbian. Brewed using a v60."

"This is definitely one of my favorites that I've tasted so far. I'm surprised because it's on the lighter side. It tastes more like a dark roast to me. Great coffee to drink everyday! "

"A nice mild cup of coffee, no distinctive flavor, not too much acidity, not too strong, "easy drinking". Brewed in chemex "

"We brew our coffee in a chemex with a reusable filter and it was overall OK for this roast. I don't personally get the fruity expression it was going for, but still an enjoyable cup of coffee."

"An interesting light roast, the flavors go well with Spring. Brew a little stronger, and add cream to really get that smooth and sweet effect. "

"This was definitely fruity with hints of floral. I am not much of a floral fan but I can appreciate it every once in awhile. This coffee has plenty of character for a light roast that I think most people would enjoy on a spring morning. "

"Not sure the various fruity notes did it for me, more resulted in a purse of my lips than a satisfying sigh."

"Easy to drink with a fruity twist, we will definitely be ordering this one again. "

"I absolutely loved this roast. It is a light roast but full of flavor. Prepared as a French roast with a little bit of vanilla and cream."

"Not a fan of Columbian light roasts. This one had a better flavor than Januarys lighter roast .could pick up a few hints of sweetness. Medium to high acidity. chemex brewed."

"Although I enjoy sweet coffees this one was not my favorite. My guess it is the flower flavors that didn't mix well for me."

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