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Caffe Umbria - Brazil Sitio Rocinha

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Brazil Sitio Rocinha (#598)

Caffe Umbria

Roast: Medium roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Single Origin

Tastes: Caramel, Cherry, Vanilla

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

Italian roasting meets Brazilian flair in this lively light-medium roast. Natural processing brings out notes of ripe cherry and creamy vanilla, with a lovely nose of jasmine earl grey: the perfect combination of samba and sunrise.

Caffe Umbria Story

Grown at Sitio Rocinha by Demétrio Flaviano de Oliveira, this coffee features some of the best qualities we find in a Brazilian coffee (creamy, rich notes) and has some standout characteristics that highlight the craft and care put into the growing and processing: it is selectively harvested by hand over cloths to protect the coffee from the ground, and only when the fruits are ripe. Notes of vanilla, cherry, earl grey tea, hint of caramel.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

16 customer reviews

"Nice smoothe blend. I used 2 tbbs heavy cream, 1 tbsp almond milk and 3 tsp sugar. Pleasant, slight team flavor is better than i expected."

"Brewed in french press, this coffee served me well and helped me to fight through a rather difficult Monday with focus and energy to spare. Thank the creators of this coffee for supporting my addiction with a fantastic brew."

"This is a pretty good blend to start the day, I thought it was bold but not too much. The Early Grey tea notes they mention in the bag really dominated and I thought that was really good. "

"Brewed in french press. Good smooth coffee. Not particularly note full, just good coffee. Did not taste the fruit notes that are described, but overall just a light smooth coffee."

"Not too aggressive, but definitely wakes you up in the morning. This coffee has one of my favorite flavor profiles: slightly sweet smelling but with an earthy taste."

"Perfect for coffee and tea lovers, smooth and creamy with delicious notes of caramel, vanilla, and the slightest hint of cherry. Definitely get the earl grey, primarily when the coffee has cooled. Really enjoyed this one!"

"I had this this morning. Made it with a splash of vanilla sugar free creamer. It had a great flavor with a smooth aftertaste. Nothing stood out to me though. Tasted good and I would get it again though. "

"Smooth with good flavor. I like the vanilla caramel taste, didn't get so much of the cherry. It's a good cup of coffee."

"I have recently fallen in love with brazilian coffees! I found floral notes and a very bright flavor. The coffee was perfectly roasted and not overly oily. Very good coffee and will order again"

"This was not for me. Had a sour bland flavor and I missed out on all the flavors others are picking up. Tasted likexan average coffee to me. Used an automated Behmor pour over, 3 cups of water at 205 degrees, 30 second bloom."

"The Perfect Get you Going Roast I received this roast in my recent Bean Box. I will definitely order again! I really enjoyed this cup of joe. I definitely could pick up the vanilla and caramel notes. Sweet all on it's own. I made with my chemex and prefer it made that way over auto drip. "

"Nice smooth and balanced coffee. Not my favorite so far but good , I like more of a dark roast. Used an aeropress to brew. "

"A really tasty cup of coffee. Loved the balance of the flavors, could taste the vanilla-caramel up front, with a slight aftertaste of an earthy cherry/fruit. Wasn't sure if I'd like the Earl Grey tea flavor, but it was a nice smooth combo with the vanilla/cherry/caramel notes. Light, aromatic, tasty"

"I enjoyed this brew more than I thought I would. I do not like earl grey tea but this was very subtle. It added a different note to the typical coffee I enjoy. Light bodied and smooth."

"Quintessential cusp between a 4 and 5 star coffee. Perfect coffee to keep around to impress guests without feeling like I'm giving away my stash. Notes of caramel, prominent cherry on the back of the tongue, and a hint of earl grey tea. Slightly brighter than a med-roast, and overall very enjoyable."

"A little sour otherwise great flavors. I tasted the earl grey and I loved that note."

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