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Caffe Umbria - Gusto Crema Espresso Blend

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Gusto Crema Espresso Blend (#463)

Caffe Umbria

Roast: Medium roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Tastes: Fig, Chocolate

Bean Box Breakdown

This creamy, chocolate-milkshake blend makes the perfect base for an Italian-style home latte, mocha or a simple drip coffee with character. Our recommendation? Drink it with gusto!

Caffe Umbria Story

Un espresso perfetto. Defined by a creamy body and delightful sweetness that lasts through the finish. Find milk chocolate and fig notes in this rounded and complex coffee.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

13 customer reviews

"Super yummy, very good with two shots espresso, almond milk and a bit of your choice mocha flavor over ice "

"I adore this coffee blend, I alternate between homemade americanos and lattes and this bean blend really shines in those applications. The Gusto Creama has given me consistent, beautiful espresso shots that I can cool down with ice and top with milk or almond milk or have hot as an Americano."

"This is a very good mild flavored medium roast blend. I prefer darker roasts, but this is still quite tasty."

"This is a great espresso blend, creamy and perfect with milk"

"Quite simply one of my favorites. Whether a doppio or macchiato, this is one of the perfect beans. Balanced, smooth, and delicious. This one is in my top 3."

"From my husband - a strong and bold coffee! When you add just a touch of sugar you can really taste the notes of milk chocolate and fig that makes it really delicious. It smells delicious as soon as you open the bag!"

"LOVE LOVE LOVE! Favorite thus far. I will definitely order this again. "

"Wonderful! My favorite out of all the ones I've tried from Bean Box so far. I made this using and aeropress and drank it black, and it was chocolately, smooth and delicious. It's an excellent choice for my husband's lattes as well."

"My absolute favorite thus far! A creamy delight! I definitely plan to include this one in my order regularly! "

"This was one amazing espresso!! Would totally buy again. So creamy and chocolatey. Made amazing drip coffee!"

"This roast made a bright espresso. The notes of chocolate and fig were perfect when paired with almond milk. "

"Made cappuccino with these beans and it was delicious. Very smooth but also flavorful; the fig and chocolate tasting notes are spot on!"

"It's funny, my local coffee shop uses this espresso bean for their latte's, so I was very excited to receive this one. It is a great middle man that has a nice kick but a caramel/chocolate and smooth overall taste, well rounded overall! Definitely a good one to make a fav! "

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