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Conduit Coffee Company - Colombia Finca Veracruz

Colombia Finca Veracruz (#260)

Conduit Coffee Company

Roast: Light roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Single Origin

Tastes: Grape, Peach, Spice

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

We taste bright, white grape juice, creamy cocoa, and a spicy finish of nutmeg in this intense, yet friendly, roast. This unusual Colombian is a horse of a different color: ride it all the way into the sunset!

Conduit Coffee Company Story

An unique and limited coffee, processed with an extended “fermentation” that delivers delicious complexity. Lively stonefruit and rich flavors throughout.

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Customer Reviews

12 customer reviews

"went in very skeptical. grape on the label was intimidating. left feeling pleased. was sad when the bag was empty. "

"There is a buttery nuttiness that comes through. There are tastes of birthday cake and fruit tart. Nutmeg smell. Moderate acidity. "

"Very mild and mellow. fruity, bright and light, and unintimidating. Slightly citrusy."

"This coffee was on the mild side for me and I ended up spicing it with cinnamon and cardamom - but this was DELICIOUS. It made the chocolate and orange notes jump out and buried the fruity notes, which I can do without. Also gave it a french press view so it didn't end up watery."

"This had the oddest flavor. I wish I could describe it better but I finished it two weeks ago. But I do know I didn't like it. "

"I brewed this coffee using the Aero Press. I found it to be fruity with slight cocoa. I could not find the nutmeg in the three different times I brewed this. It is a good summer time coffee."

"Nice coffee but very fruity and light. Good for summer"

"I brewed this via Hario v60 and was amazed on how smooth it was. This was my go to coffee in the morning."

"Wow is this good. Made this as my morning brew (medium grind, drip). First sip is clean and bright, with a nice fruity tone. Nice sweetness throughout. This is definitely a tasty start to the day!"

"Love it! This is one of my favorites, the cocoa adds a nice bitter taste to the full body brew. Every sip is enjoyable. "

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