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Conduit Coffee Company - Locofocos Espresso Blend VI

Locofocos Espresso Blend VI (#509)

Conduit Coffee Company

Roast: Medium roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Tastes: Nutty, Chocolate, Floral

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

Locofocos means “crazy lights”: a name shared by 19th century radical Democrats and a brand of self-lighting matches. What type of spark will this espresso inspire in you?

Conduit Coffee Company Story

Conduit's premier blend, Locofocos placed 2nd in "America's Best Espresso" competition at Coffee Fest Seattle '12. A seasonal reformulation of our espresso blend for versatile brewing. Nutty and smooth with a strong Brazilian component, for all the nuance of a darker roast while maintaining the origin character. Creamy and floral on the light end with rich dark chocolate on the fuller end. Very drinkable and easy to work with for steady use or casual brewing with any method.

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Customer Reviews

14 customer reviews

"I've really liked the kind of acidic bite in this coffee; normally, that's a negative thing, but it's really zippy and delicious in this one. "

"Very good! nutty and chocolately. I brewed this in my aeropress and drank it black. I will be getting this again. "

"Bold and great for espresso, it wasn't difficult to calibrate this bean to my coffee grinder (Encore Baratza) and made beautifully pulled shots every time. My favorite application for this is cold with cream or in an iced latte. "

"Ran this through my DeLonghi espresso maker and I was VERY pleasantly surprised. It tastes like nothing else I've ever had. I recommend it."

"Used a semi-auto espresso machine to brew this coffee. It was smooth and creamy and naturally sweet. Delicious! Going to buy a full bag. "

"This is a very good mild flavored medium roast. I prefer darker roasts, but this is still quite good. "

"I used this to make espresso and it was great! I also used it to make a cup of french press, but I preferred the espresso"

"I liked it while my BF loved it!! He would be all over getting it again. "

"Not bad. I enjoyed it as a latte, but this isn’t a roast I would buy a bag of. Not a huge fan of the floral notes. "

"3 stars is not a bad review. I just didn't feel like this coffee was a sensational contender for my favorites list. It was good, but not the "oh sweet goodness, I have to have more," kind of good. "

"Locofocos is a really great espresso blend. I made it with an espresso machine. The result was very smooth espresso with a creamy, dark chocolate and floral flavor. Just purchased a big bag of it. "

"Definitely a nutty flavor, which I am not very fond of. It came across as somewhat bitter and didn't have as nice of a crema as most other espressos I have tried. Not a bad roast, but I will not be ordering it in the future."

"Great! Definitely better warm, one that makes you slow down and savor. Very rich, full bodied flavor. Reminds you of a cozy feeling. Overall very good, one of my favorites so far."

"Definitely had a floral aftertaste. chocolatey. Really good!"

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