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Fonte Coffee - 1st Avenue Espresso Blend

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1st Avenue Espresso Blend (#244)

Fonte Coffee

Roast: Dark roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Tastes: Anise, Tobacco, Lemon

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

A full-bodied, flavorful roast designed to play well with milk, but rich enough to hold its own. We smell and taste lingering notes of licorice and a pleasant herbal bouquet. Worldly and complex.

Fonte Coffee Story

A dark blend of spicy South and Central American coffees, broadened by the addition of Estate Java. Bright lemony acidity complimented with earthy, pipe tobacco aromas in the finish.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

19 customer reviews

"This blend is straight up bold and just okay with milk. "

"I really didn't care for this one, I guess it was too strong and had a bitter after taste."

"Did not like this coffee at all. I don't know the proper terms but to us it was just harsh and no flavor. Shared one cup and won't even use the rest but will pass along to my mom since so many people loved it, maybe she will."

"I wasn't expecting to like this as much as I did because I don't usually like blends that list tobacco in the flavor profile but this one surprised me! It's dark and bold and just a little smoky. I look forward to another cup tomorrow!"

"Mine said hints of spice, citrus and pipe tobacco, so may be a bit different than this blend. However, I really enjoyed it, it was sweeter than I expected and quite delicious."

"Bold with mild flavor of a vanilla Tabacco but a nice flavor for iced coffee and cold brew "

"Quite a delicious hot cup of joe indeed, I'm sure it would make a nice cold brew as well if done as espresso over ice. I can certainly see why it's said to have notes of lemon, slightly on the bitter side but in a wonderful way. Sure wish it were available organic so I could drink this more regular!"

"This has a amazing aroma rich and very waking up to this coffee."

"This coffee of very bitter. The aroma is amazing. But maybe I just chose the wrong brew method. (Drip)"

"Brewed in an espresso maker. Drank straight black. Too bitter for my taste. "

"From someone who loves dark roasts, this is really quite nice but a bit acidic for me."

"This is one of my all-time-favorite espresso roasts. An excellent coffee, very smooth and smelled amazing. I couldn't stop drinking it!"

"One of my top two since I got a my subscription. This coffee is right up my alley. Just love the smoky flavor of it, very dark and delicious without tasting "burnt". The licorice notes make it kind of addicting. Will be buying a bag of this again soon. "

"Brewed in espresso machine. It has citrus notes. Goes well with milk as a capuccino"

"Brewed in chemex. Very complex flavors. Definitely got the tobacco aroma and anise taste. "

"This roast I made in a french press and a little honey, the honey did not compliment the cup. Next cup I added a little milk and it made a difference. However it's not a bag I will buy."

"I rather enjoyed this cup of coffee. Very smooth, balanced acidity"

"A dark roast with balanced smokiness--still a little more than I like in my cup, but smooth nonetheless. "

"Excellent flavor and depth. Tastes a little nutty. I think this was suppose to have tobacco tones and it does! "

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