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Fonte Coffee - Brazil Monte Alto

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Brazil Monte Alto (#650)

Fonte Coffee

Roast: Medium roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Single Origin

Tastes: Caramel, Chocolate, Spice

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

This natural Brazil is Fonte’s latest and greatest, roasted to the perfect depth of flavor. Decadent aromas open a full-bodied cup of silky chocolate and caramel, with a touch of citrus zest and a clean finish like raw sugar. As far as Brazilian coffees go, it’s the full “Monte”.

Fonte Coffee Story

This fantastic coffee comes from a 6th generation family-owned farm in the Sul de Minas region. Beans are handpicked and meticulously sorted, and the quality coming out of this farm is fantastic. 30% of the property is set aside for environmental conservation. We're lucky to have found this great Brazilian roast!

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

20 customer reviews

"Brazilian coffee is my favorite and this roaster perfected it- the beans were very even in size, and a consistant roast. The flavor was nutty and full."

"Great brew for the coming fall season! chocolate and spice pair well together!"

"This coffee was a great blend of rich dark flavors ang bright, clear notes. Highly recommended."

"I liked how rich it was. Perfect morning brew "

"I really loved this one. The chocolate and brown sugar with the Carmel make this a great cup of coffee. Top 5 for sure."

"The sweet creamy notes that come across in this one are wonderful. I don't find citrus or much spice, but its a smooth strong cuppa!"

"It’s a rich and smooth coffee with chocolate notes. It’s kinda sweet but lingers for too much...which may be a good thing. Not much for me. "

"No kidding on the chocolate...excellent! Had some trouble dialing in an it brewed best, for me, on the Kalita Wave."

"A very smooth medium roast. nutty and delicious, I prefer it with a splash of almond milk."

"The chocolate is strong with this one. medium roast with that distinct chocolate taste. Adding cream makes it taste similar to a mocha! Would buy again!"

"Best one in this month's batch, smooth and balanced"

"Tasty, but nothing special in my opinion... couldn't taste much of the citrus notes, but the brown sugar taste was nice."

"I really liked this one. Good bold medium roast and the subtle citrus taste with the dark chocolate flavor was good "

"I usually prefer a dark roast but this medium roast had a lot of the flavors I like from a dark roast. It was a perfect coffee to satisfy everyone's preferences at breakfast."

"I definitely liked this one. The taste of chocolate is strong in this one, yet when I smelled it, I smelled an almost citrus-y smell to it? I don't know, either way, it was pretty good."

"Very good dark-medium roast. Smooth finish with little acidity. Great roaster, we have enjoyed most of the coffees from Fonte."

"Delicious! Very complex, long finish. Too bad it's $25/bag....."

"Enjoyably smooth, but a little bit subdued. It has a nice complexity in the flavor, medium body, interesting caramel/chocolate/fruity notes, and a clean finish, but it lacks a dominating flavor and so everything blends together a little bit too much. That said, it's still really enjoyable and tasty."

"Nothing overly fantastic about this one, but it really is a great coffee. A little bit darker coffee flavor, but very easy to drink. Slight caramel and chocolate taste. "

"This is a very easy drinking coffee. It is a little darker but not bitter in the slightest. It has a lot of chocolate and caramel backtones but I do wish it had more citrus or fruit notes. "

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