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Herkimer Coffee - Colombia Selecto 3

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Colombia Selecto 3 (#326)

Herkimer Coffee


Roast: Light roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Single Origin

Tastes: Cherry, Sage, Spice

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

A seasonal favorite from Finca Campo Amor; we love this roast without irony. You’ll taste creamy cherry coke with lime, while a dash of fresh sage in the finish adds a delicious plot twist. Agatha Christie, brew your heart out.

Herkimer Coffee Story

Sweet, juicy, creamy, and herbal. Deep red grape and orange acidity. The sugars round out nicely like cherry cola. The body is creamy and clean allowing for a long finish with herbal hints of oregano and sage.

Finca Campo Amor overlooks the central portion of the Cauca river valley. Selecto 3 faces east and is ironically at the lowest elevation of the farm at 1350 to 1450 meters. Its unique micro-climate yields the results above. Tiny lot with small yield annually which we buy entirely. 4C, Rainforest Alliance, FLO, and Coffee Practices certifications.

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Ships roasted-to-order by Nov 28.
1-3 day typical delivery.

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Customer Reviews

33 customer reviews  write a review

"Actually a 4.5, but this is one delicious coffee. I really got flavors of cherry cola, with a little citrusy zing and some kind of herbal finish. On top of that it was creamy, bold and had the typical coffee taste. Ordering again! Brewed french press."

"Cola and lime are excellent tasting notes for this very unique coffee. It was delicious fresh on aeropress, chemex, and v60. As it gets older it becomes noticeably more bitter, but that's just another excuse to finish this coffee while it's still fresh. Worthy of a 4.5/5. "

"I didn't love or hate this. I enjoyed every cup, but the flavors were hiding from me."

"The citrus note wasn't as strong as some of the other Colombian coffees that I've had. It was very smooth and I would definitely order it again."

"Very good columbia roast. definitely one of my favorites!"

"Never stop making this roast. There truly is a beauty in being able to just get the basics right with a no-nonsense, homemade quality that this coffee possesses without a doubt."

"Ok. Not earth-shattering in flavor, but enjoyable nonetheless."

"Smooth, rich flavor. The subtle herbal flavors round it out perfectly. Hint of cherry finish. Great morning brew!"

"Shockingly little acidity for the flavor profile. Really interesting combination of flavors."

"Brewed in french press. I eally enjoyed the coffe, while My husband found it a little flat. Tasted like a good smooth cup of cafe coffee. This is a great roaster and we have enjoyed most of the coffees from herkimer, and frequent the shops when we are in Seattle."

"This is a very strong, robust coffee. You can definitely tell there are herbs in this coffee, but I could not pick up there cherry. Even though this is a strong coffee, it goes down extremely smooth. Very enjoyable coffee! "

"Extremely flavorful coffee, goes well with your eggs and toast in the morning. I brewed mine in a bean-to-cup machine and the flavor did not seem compromised."

"I found this coffee to be ok, but largely forgettable. I would drink it if it were in front of me, but I wouldn’t choose it."

"I really like the coffee that this company produces. This coffee was excellent. I wasn't quite sure what a coffee with a cherry cola taste would be like, but it was really great. Could definitely taste that cherry cola like taste, and a totally smooth and light coffee. Truly excellent. "

"Best flavored coffee I ever had! I was so impressed with how much flavor came through in a single sip "

"The first sip was very interesting - you definitely get a sense that this is going to be unique (slightly tart, electric). A solid Colombian coffee. The tasting notes are spot on -- creamy, juicy, sweet, herbal -- deep red grape with orange acidity. One thing to add: a very welcome smoky aftertaste."

"Very solid, easy drinking cup. At first sip, it felt unique, offering a slightly different flavor profile than what I think of as a typical Columbian. Brewed hot using a v60."

"Not my cup of joe it might be too light for my liking. "

"Excellent coffee. No strong individual flavours, but a nice light, well rounded flavour."

"I drank this coffee in the morning and afternoon. This coffee wasn't my favorite. I don't think the flavors come through strong enough. I just realized, while writing this review, this is a light roast. I could see if you like light roast how you might enjoy this coffee. "

"For some reason this wasn't my favorite. A little too light and bright for my taste."

"This coffee is my favorite to date! The description alone intrigued me, but the herbal finish wowed me! I enjoyed my first cup while driving in the snow and it made for a wonderful morning. I'm definitely going to order a pound! "

"I've really enjoyed every coffee so far from Herkimer. This is no exception. Sage is a nice touch. "

"Really interesting roast with herbal and cherry notes. Roasts like this one are changing our preference from dark roasts to light, as they as so complex and bright."

"I thought it was absolutely delicious. I real joy to drink. I could definitely taste the cherry."

"Wonderful coffee! Very light, but with a good brewing method you can really bring out some complex cherry notes. Using v60 it had some almost tea-like qualities. Really enjoyed using my aeropress with this one, letting it sit a little longer. "

"I make my coffees in an aeropress and usually don't brew longer than 10-15 seconds. I found that to truly enjoy the flavors of this coffee it had to sit upwards of a minute. The longer brew brought out the cherry taste nicely. "

"A completely good enough coffee! There's a nice roundness to this light to medium bodied coffee, even though I usually prefer the darker roasts and find the light roasts too sour in undertone. Completely drinkable."

"Delicious smooth and creamy! I brewed it in a vacuum pot which really brought out the cherry notes! "

"Herkimer iis a great roaster and this is a delicious coffee with a unique aftertaste. Would definitely add this to my normal coffee rotation. "

"In general, we love everything from Herkimer. This is easy to drink and we could definitely find the cherry notes. If choosing between this and the drip blend, I'd go drip, but still yummy!"

"Delicious!!! I'm definitely buying more of this! My favorite bag so far. "

"Interesting flavor, tasted hints of herbs but still satisfying. Not exactly flavors I'd pick to go together, but somehow, they worked well. "

"Interesting flavor, tasted hints of herbs but still satisfying. Not exactly flavors I'd pick to go together, but somehow, they worked well. "

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