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Kuma Coffee - Ethiopia Reko

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Ethiopia Reko (#124)

Kuma Coffee

Roast: Light roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Single Origin

Tastes: Caramel, Cinnamon, Citrus

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

We tasted tangerine, orange, and cinnamon in this lovely bright brew, along with a faint trail of caramel. For the super-tasters, see if you can pick up a hint of lavender! A very pleasant light roast, and easy to sip on. Sunshine in a mug.

Kuma Coffee Story

We are proud to showcase another gem Ethiopian lot. High scoring Ethiopians like this one have been hard to find this year. We pride ourselves in cupping through 50+ lots to find the top 5 and deliver them to you. The Ethiopia Reko tastes like candied ruby red grapefruit and lemon meringue. Its very sugary, sweet, clean and piquant.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

16 customer reviews

"Loved this coffee. It's light, smooth, and the fruit elements provide a unique taste. My boyfriend is not a coffee drinker and even gave it a thumbs up!"

"this is the lightest coffee I've ever enjoyed. The lavender element elevated its sophistication."

"Sad it was sold out by the time I got my first bean box because it's my favorite of the 4. Very smooth and taste like caramel. I wonder if it will come back or if I can find something similar "

"This coffee was so great! It's the perfect coffee to enjoy after dinner with your dessert! I won't lie... I begrudged my two year old stealing a sip! "

"Mine was peach and raspberry. Which I cud taste! Makes a pleasant espresso, but a better cappuccino! Add just a hint of sweet and the fruit flavors explode!"

"Yummy. Crisp, light flavor. Easy drinking. Was a hit with night shift Coworkers"

"pour over, with a splash of cream. A lovely Ethiopian variety. Creamy, with that caramel (and maybe a hint of cinnamon if I try) notes lingering. fruity and almost a touch sweet on the front end. "

"Smooth, almost creamy, and a few too many fruity notes for me."

"This coffee is a very nice Ethiopian gem, as they say in the taste notes. I found it very delightful in the v60, also introduced me to a great Seattle roaster."

"I love this coffee. Kuma does a great job with all of their roasts, but this one is special. It is a little bit sweet, yet has a slight citrus flavor to it. "

"Possibly one of the best home brewed coffees I have ever had. It was SO delicious! I am new to bean box and definitely not a coffee expert, but this coffee was amazing!"

"This coffee is great with brunch. Easy to drink and defiantly worth drinking multiple cups."

"I love African varietals usually due to bold taste notes... This one caught me off guard with cinnamon and lemon hints... Definitely different, definitely need to add this one to the purchase list!"

"Is had an interesting taste, I couldn't put my finger on it, but it was subtle and pleasant. "

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