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Middle Fork Roasters - Brazil Canaan Estate

Brazil Canaan Estate

Middle Fork Roasters


Roast: Medium, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Single Origin

Availability: Limited

Tastes: chocolate

Delivery: Ships freshly roasted on January 25

Bean Box Breakdown

It's rare to see Cup of Excellence-quality coffee from Brazil pass through the U.S. and, after trying this one, we asked Middlefork to put a little aside, just for us. Lots of great coffee comes out of the Carmo de Minas region, within the foothills of the Sierra de Mantiqueira mountains, but this one takes the... chocolate chip cookie! We nicknamed this one the "cookie dough coffee" because of its distinct sweet cookie flavor. Perfectly roasted for a comforting toastiness, just shy of tasting dark: a smooth, medium roast with appealing balance. A real treat for coffee lovers, and a true gem from the world's largest coffee-producing country.

Middle Fork Roasters Story

We are lucky to have gotten our hands on this excellent Brazilian micro-lot, a Cup of Excellence contender from this past year with an average score in the 90s. Canaan Estate is a small farm, producing coffee since the early 1900s, recently upgraded and improved with more plants, education, and processing equipment. We're the only roaster in the U.S. with this particular coffee and we're keeping our fingers crossed about getting some next year too! Varietal Yellow Catuai, dry natural process. This year's lot is extremely low acid, with a front-forward profile of earthy, nutty chocolate that leads into a caramelized sugar flavor. Incredibly smooth, clean finish.

Customer Reviews write a review

5 stars, based on 7 ratings
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"I am so glad I bought a big bag of this roast! Also, I am even happier that I hid the bag. I have been hoarding it and making my own Chemex in the morning with this roast. I LOVE this roast. You seriously had me at cookie dough, but there is so much more flavour too. A GREAT morning cup of joe!" (5 out of 5)

Bean 25 Bean 25 Bean 25 Bean 25 Bean 25

"Very light on the tongue with a sweet tasting soft finish. This is a great medium/light roast that pairs well with something sweet. You can drink on it's own as it's not very acidic. Absolutely love this roast. Highly recommend! " (5 out of 5)

Bean 25 Bean 25 Bean 25 Bean 25 Bean 25

"Delicious with a capitol D!! Wishing I had ordered more than one." (5 out of 5)

Bean 25 Bean 25 Bean 25 Bean 25 Bean 25

"Love love love this coffee! It has a great chocolate-y flavor, great body and deep flavor. It works morning, afternoon, evening. Perfect cup." (5 out of 5)

Bean 25 Bean 25 Bean 25 Bean 25 Bean 25

"This coffee is amazing! It's a perfect roast with such a unique flavor. 10/10 would recommend. " (5 out of 5)

Bean 25 Bean 25 Bean 25 Bean 25

"Delicious, smooth, naturally sweet. Not as bold as I normally like but I'm very happy I got to try this one." (4 out of 5)

Bean 25 Bean 25 Bean 25 Bean 25 Bean 25

"Deliciously smooth coffee perfect for a lazy sunday" (5 out of 5)

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