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Middle Fork Roasters - Breakaway Blend

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Breakaway Blend (#119)

Middle Fork Roasters


Roast: Dark roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Tastes: Nutty, Chocolate, Spice

Bean Box Breakdown

Pure coffee alchemy: the dark, earthy spice of a Sumatra followed by a deep, smooth chocolate finish from the Colombia. Top it off with a sweet, buttery aroma and you’ve got coffee gold!

Middle Fork Roasters Story

The buttery and nutty flavors of our medium roast Sumatra permeate the bold spicy tones of our dark Colombian roast for a superbly balanced cup.

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Ships roasted-to-order by Nov 21.
1-3 day typical delivery.

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Customer Reviews

28 customer reviews  write a review

"I absolutely love this coffee it's better than Starbucks better than Dunkin donuts better than any coffee I've ever tasted"

"Little bit of a spicey flavor, smooth, rich and fairly dark. Loved this with a touch of creamer and sweetness"

"Definitely a nice solid cup of coffee. Nice combination of chocolate with a slight spicy taste as well. I can smell the buttery aroma when it’s is ground but not so much once brewed. I usually drink my coffee with milk but this tastes good to me black as well. Would give it a 4.5 if I could!"

"Nice medium roast, well balanced rich flavor. LIttle bit of spice to finish it off. "

"Rich and nutty. I really like this roast. Perfect balance"

"Great medium roast, very balanced flavor but not too light. Surprisingly bold for a medium roast as well."

"This was a really good dark roast. I thought it was well balanced and smelled amazing. "

"This was a really nice blend. I loved the depth of flavor!"

"I put this whole bean in my espresso maker and it was fantastic. The freshness and taste was awesome. I usually sweeten my coffee, but not this one. Added some cream and it was perfect."

"Great coffee I think middle fork is one of my favorite roasters so far never disapointed in their coffee. I love that it's not very bitter and who doesn't love coffee with the chcolate notes."

"This coffee has a nice spicey/smokey flavor that isn’t too overpowering. Perfect for a winter’s day!"

"Accurate and on point! I always like Sumatras, and this held up very nice with the Columbian too. "

"This coffee is a definite new favorite for me. It's a nice medium dark roast with a good mouth feel and the tart of cherries at the end. I'm very much a sweetened, milky coffee drinker, but I can happily drink this black. It has a lot of flavor. Smokey amaretto with a natural sweetness. "

"Nice medium-dark roast with a distinct dried cherry undertone to a sweet dark brown sugar flavor. An interesting combination of flavors that works really well. "

"A good dark roast with a bold, round finish. The butter flavor comes though and gives the coffee a nice smoothness. "

"dark roast, but not too strong. Variety of different taste notes. "

"Very smooth chocolate undertones. Some don't like the buttery smoothness but I do."

"Not the best dark roast ive had. More spice notes than chocolate and a strong butter taste that was not for me..."

"Mixed opinions in my household. It's mellow and interesting, but while I loved it, reviews seemed split amongst my family and friends. I say give it a try though, it made MY list of favorites."

"Found this at their cafe. Mild flavor with somewhat of a nuttiness, dark chocolate and hints of caramel. dark chocolate and hints of caramel. "

"This one has a unique spicy flavor at the end that gives it a heroic character. It makes a great bullet proof coffee so suit up and prepare to defend the earth!"

"Made both expressos and cappuccinos with these beans. Smooth with a bit of a kick (by that, I mean a very slight burnt taste)."

"Rich, Creamy and Buttery. We loved it! Great for an afternoon pick me up."

"This coffee was okay--a bit on the weak side for me. I like strong coffee and too chocolatey. I like coffee that tastes more like coffee than chocolate. "

"We love sumatra coffees!It says a medium roast, but we thought it was on the darker side, Dark, spicy and bold. This one is a winner!"

"Another new favorite of mine! It's smooth for a dark blend, has a little hint of sweetness on its own. A must try for anybody who prefers dark roasts!"

"I absolutely love this coffee! It's rich and dark yet mellow! Very smooth. It makes getting up in the morning exciting!"

"It is so much fun trying so many different coffees. Middle Fork Roasters seems to be my favorite roaster so far. This coffee lives up to the descriptions exactly. Smooth and chocolatey. The buttery character is really appealing. "

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