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Seven Coffee Roasters - Roaster's Choice

Roaster's Choice

Seven Coffee Roasters


Roast: Dark, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Tastes: vanilla, cocoa powder, pear

Delivery: Ships freshly roasted on January 25

Bean Box Breakdown

As smooth as Jimi Hendrix, as complex as Kurt Cobain: this harmonious dark blend has a bright, fruit-syrupy finish that will start your day on the perfect high note. Drink up and rock on!

Seven Coffee Roasters Story

A dark roasted blend featuring four different coffees from around the world. Moderate acidity, full body, and a smooth finish. Notes of vanilla, cocoa, and nashi pear.

Customer Reviews write a review

4 stars, based on 4 ratings
Bean 25 Bean 25 Bean 25 Bean 25

"Great profile. Very nice morning cup of Joe. Even made a good iced coffee with the leftovers!" (4 out of 5)

Bean 25 Bean 25 Bean 25 Bean 25

"I actually didn't get these beans until April (even though they were roasted in February), so I was very surprised by how well and how fresh the beans held up when I finally opened the bag. Very smooth and velvety." (4 out of 5)

Bean 25 Bean 25 Bean 25 Bean 25

"Can definitely taste the pear notes. Surprising (but not overpowering) acidity for a dark roast. Very nice, subtle blend overall." (4 out of 5)

Bean 25 Bean 25 Bean 25 Bean 25

"An interesting bold dark roast coffee. Good taste profile." (4 out of 5)

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