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Slate Coffee Roasters - Kenya Gatomboya AA

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Kenya Gatomboya AA (#583)

Slate Coffee Roasters

Bean Box Top Shelf

Roast: Light roast coffee, whole bean, 8 ounces

Type: Single Origin

Tastes: Grapefruit, Apple, Sugar

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

Slate’s newest offering: a Kenyan to brew home about! Round, punchy notes of apples, plums, and tart grapefruit tumble together within a rich and silky body. Savory-sweet caramel tones pull it all together. An expansive cup.

Slate Coffee Roasters Story

This co-operative is located in the Mt. Kenya lowland region. Almost 1,000 members delivery cherries here throughout the harvest season, many of which also grow macadamia, bananas, corn, and beans along with their coffee. These members live throughout an area encompassing 3 different villages. Cherries are sorted, promptly depulped, fermented overnight, washed, and placed on raised beds for an average drying period of 10–12 days.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

17 customer reviews

"Quite a bit of fruit undertones. Not much kick as, its a very light roast. Not my favorite in the french press because I like a darker roast. A touch of sugar and some steamed milk improved the flavor quite a lot"

"i love Slate coffee they are my top fav roasters. I am always happy to try something from them. This Kenyan did not disappoint with its caramel sugary and apple notes."

"This was DELICIOUS!! The caramel and fruit danced beautifully together and reminded me of creme brûlée and fresh berries! A definite future purchase!"

"Wow, you ever so slightly get that note of banana and your tastebuds awaken! You will truly enjoy this coffee. "

"This is without a doubt a light roast with the fruit scents typical of a light brew. Fortunately, for some, those fruit overtones aren't overwhelming when brewed, presenting a balanced cup that everyone can enjoy."

"very smooth coffee. I didn't get the hint of grapefruit, but the overall taste was balanced, smooth and easy to drink. will definitely order this one again"

"Not much of an apple or grapefruit person, but actually really enjoyed the flavor combinations! Would buy again! Lovely light roast."

"Think I did this as a pour over and it was okay, maybe made it a bit watered down, was good and light though, good with agave."

"Characteristically Kenyan all around. Slate is one of my favorite roasters and they didn't disappoint on this one. The cup is very juicy with a very light grapefruit tartness (finish). fruity, almost like a mix of apple and cranberry juice. Great, well balanced, sweet cup."

"Makes a tasty cup. I found this to be less fruity and more focused on caramel and sugar. Brewed with a v60. "

"I really enjoyed this coffee. You can easily taste the caramelized sugar, and to me that is what makes this coffee great. Would definitely love to have some more of this. "

"Far too light and fruit forward for my taste. Someone else might really enjoy it who likes that sort of thing by I did not. "

"fruity and caramel-y which tends to be our favorite flavor combo! This was our favorite from this box. We definitely got the notes of grapefruit, apple, caramelized sugar."

"This is such a unique coffee. It's not an every day sort of coffee, but something where from the first sip you go "oh! that's nice" While not overpowering, I pick up both tart and tea in the flavours. Defeinitely a unique special coffee to try."

"Soft, gentle, pillowy, coated with frosting and the joy of the innocents. How could I honestly say this about such a decadent treat for the taste buds. A coffee that elevates your vocabulary just so that you can adequately express your astonishment at this effervescent coffee."

"I like the toasted sugar flavor from this coffee, it gives it a nice caramel flavor, smooth and easy to drink. Very good overall."

"All around decent cup that has a few extra flavors that aren't listed. Tart pit fruit, toasted sugar (caramelized), slightly inconsistent apple, toasted wheat flour. Hints of raisin on the aftertaste. Overall has a prevalent 'toasted' flavor that's overall quite pleasant. Would drink again. 4.3/5"

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