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Vashon Coffee Company - Espresso Velluto

Espresso Velluto

Vashon Coffee Company


Roast: Medium, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Tastes: chocolate

Delivery: Ships freshly roasted on October 26

Bean Box Breakdown

This rich espresso roast is a chocolate bomb! Thick cocoa in a luscious body, balanced with just a touch of brightness. Big and bold in a pour over. Sheer decadence with milk.

Vashon Coffee Company Story

Our organic espresso blend, which is lively and rich in the cup and comes through in milk-based drinks. Velvety-smooth, with notes of chocolate and hints of fruit.

Customer Reviews write a review

4 stars, based on 1 ratings
Bean 25 Bean 25 Bean 25 Bean 25

"this one was rich, flavorful, chocolatey, very much enjoyed!" (4 out of 5)

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