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Velton's Coffee Roasting Company - Java Sunda Hejo Badak

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Java Sunda Hejo Badak (#398)

Velton's Coffee Roasting Company

Roast: Light roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Single Origin

Tastes: Chocolate, Berry, Fruit

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

The “boysenberry” is named for Rudolph Boysen, on whose abandoned land the hybrid berry was discovered in a field of weeds. Keep your eyes open: like this roast, gems are often hiding in plain sight...

Velton's Coffee Roasting Company Story

A washed coffee from the Bandung and Garut regions of Java. Clean, sweet boysenberry flavor and a base of rich dark chocolate. Great for those with a sweet tooth.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

19 customer reviews

"As an enthusiastic drinker of sweeter coffees, this has been one of my favorites. the cocoa taste was there."

"I'll start off by saying I'm wild about light roast coffees. This coffee definitely has the fruit/berry notes shine through which is something I don't enjoy. I am sure it is a great coffee based on other reviews, just a matter of personal taste. This was sent randomly in a 6 month subscription. "

"We really enjoyed this light, smooth, fruity light roast. Perfect for springtime."

"This one was so delicate and fruity. I loved it so much. "

"This one was a little bit too fruity for my tastes. It was okay, but definitely not as yummy as some of the others I have tried."

"We received this bag in the mail and my husband and I couldn't get enough of it! We finished the bag within a couple days of it showing up at our door. The coffee was nice and smooth and tasted delicious."

"I'm not a light roast can but this coffee is a nice surprise. It's very fruity and sweet. I enjoyed it but don't think it's something I could drink on a daily basis."

"Super smooth rich flavor. Really enjoyed this one, probably the best this month. Brewed in chemex and aeropress"

"It really does have a fruit taste to it, but I prefer the darker, more earthy roasts. But, a little vanilla infused sugar however, and it really came alive. "

"OMG so smooth. I usually don't like a light roast, but this has a lovely slip and slide across the palate. "

"As I'm trying to discover my coffee palate, this is the one that made me realize that light roast does not necessarily equal simple. Lots going on here, definitely on the sweeter side though."

"Very light and perfect for anyone that does not like a dark roast. It was clean and slightly sweet without being overwhelming. "

"Good but not great. Little too much dark chocolate for me."

"Not bad pretty complex fruity flavors. aeropress served black."

"I loved the sweet, smooth taste of this coffee. I have always been a fan of slightly flavored coffees and this did not disappoint."

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