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Victrola Coffee Roasters - Kenya Nyeri Ichuga Peaberry

Kenya Nyeri Ichuga Peaberry

Victrola Coffee Roasters

Roast: Light roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Single Origin

Tastes: Grapefruit, Peach, Marionberry

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

We love the peaberry! In addition to winning the “cutest bean” award, these little gems add their own distinct roast profile to the mix, resulting in a complex “blended” flavor even in a single origin.

Victrola Coffee Roasters Story

Our newest African offering is a washed Nyeri peaberry from the Kiama Farmers Coop Society. Sweet and round with citrus acidity. Notes of marionberry, peach, and grapefruit.

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Customer Reviews

12 customer reviews

"Not a big peach person, it was a tad bitter, but still good!"

"A little too citrusy for my liking but still a very incredible cup of coffee. You will find that the acidity isn't overwhelming and its still a great light brew! "

"This was an amazing & versitle Kenyan coffee. Very good prepared in espresso machine and even better in my chemex. "

"The peach tones are unexpected in a coffee. This has too much citrus and bitter peach skin for me as an espresso shot, It was hard to drink it black and I made a lot of faces. I'm sure I did not choose the ideal method to enjoy this roast. Drank on 9/24/17 - roasted 8/7/17."

"By far my favorite bean!! The beans are very cute which deserves its nickname. I really want more, and would buy a pound if they restock! "

"This was phenomenal in a french press. It had an incredible silky body, and it wasn't too chocolate-forward-- it was milk chocolate and some peach."

"This light roast doesn't impress. It isn't awful. It just isn't what I'm looking for in a light roast coffee. When I drink coffee, I want to drink coffee I absolutely love. There are plenty of roasts I love available through Bean Box, so I wouldn't prioritize this coffee over the others."

"Very good. Also a roaster I've received many bags from and always liked. The oft lost acidic notes of the peaberry were present. "

"This is a nice light roast with a fruity flavor. Nice and refreshing summer coffee!"

"This was a great cup of coffee... it was light buy fruity... I would definitely enjoy this cup again. "

"Enjoyed this delicious Kenyan using my espresso machine. Made a delicious fruity cup. "

"This was a great medium/light roast! Also made a great iced latte "

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