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Victrola Coffee Roasters - Streamline Espresso Blend

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Streamline Espresso Blend (#433)

Victrola Coffee Roasters

Roast: Medium roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Tastes: Chocolate, Berry, Blueberry

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

Help, we are captivated by this coffee! Actually, don’t help; it’s delicious. With a little milk added, we tasted blueberries and cream. A fantastic example of slightly brighter espresso blend.

Victrola Coffee Roasters Story

Our espresso is in a class all its own. Decadent aromas of brown sugar and pine, with rich notes of hazelnut, chocolate, and blueberry. The velvety mouthfeel and striking acidity in this cup will captivate you.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

14 customer reviews

"I thought this was great as an espresso shot with a dash of cream or a full blown latte. The flavor is light, creamy and not overpowering. For fans of bold robust flavor this may not be ideal."

"By far the best espresso ive gotten so far. I didnt detect the flavor notes, but it was strong enough to hold up to a good iced latte. I foamed up some vanilla creamer and poured over ice. Lovely. Straight up its a bit harsh but that makes for the best latte in my experience"

"Sweet and creamy. Would prefer it just a teeny bit bolder, but still very good."

"Was excited to try this one because it said blueberry but we could not detect any. Was a good smooth, creamy coffee though."

"One of the best smelling blends thus far, so much so that I still have a small satchet of beans! The taste was good, a little too acidic for me though."

"This was just okay, seemed a little lacking in flavor."

"This was a decent coffee. A little too sharp and acid in my opinion but a nice blend of flavor otherwise"

"This bright espresso made a delicious iced latte with almond milk. "

"Automatic espresso machine. We did not care for the fruitiness of this blend. It wasn’t our “ cup of tea or coffee”. Lol. "

"Wasn't the best or worst of the espressos sent to me. A difficult brew to achieve as others have noted."

"hazelnut is the forward tasting note on this one. It makes a very nice pour over but I also enjoyed it for espresso shots."

"aeropress brew, not as rich and oily as some of the others. Notes of straw, pine and acid that are interesting."

"Enjoyed this coffee, but found it challenging to achieve the desired cup. Finally, dialed the recipe in just as the beans ran out. Lighter roast than I typically prefer. "

"Found this one difficult to dial in for espresso. When I finally pulled shots in what is normally my "sweet spot" (i.e. 16g coffee yielding 30g espresso in 28s), the taste was oddly bitter and acidic. Never did extract the flavors I wanted. Made a decent french press though."

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