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Zoka Coffee - Nicaragua Limoncello

Nicaragua Limoncello

Zoka Coffee

Roast: Light roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Single Origin

Tastes: Fig, Papaya, Tropical

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

Even the dark-roast lovers among our team loved this Pacamara coffee. Fruity without being tart, like morning sunlight latticed through window blinds, this tropical brew lives up to its lick-your-lips moniker. Keep it mellow, Limoncello.

Zoka Coffee Story

An array of flavors characterizes this year’s Pacamara from Limoncillo Farms. Warm, rich notes of fig, and caramelized sugar. Splashy, playful tastes of star fruit and papaya. It’s a leather armchair with a bright yellow throw over its arm, a dark blue suit with a green tie. Could it be any better?

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Customer Reviews

7 customer reviews

"Good and even coffee but was almost too bitter and acidic. The tea like finish didn't let my taste buds treat it as coffee. Still overall had a good flavor."

"You can never go wrong with Zoka. A little fruity tasting, but not sour, as some others are.A sweet and light finish. Fresh and evenly roasted beans."

"Very light and fruity coffee, almost tea like. Refreshing."

"I found this to be smooth but lacking flavor and tasting notes. Very boring. "

"Smooth but not very flavorful. Expected more since I typically like Zoka coffee."

"A fairly light and mellow roast, this coffee is the most casual of any Zoka's I've tried. There is a nice tartness to it, but the flavor is quick with a short finish. "

"I brewed this coffee with my french press several times since receiving it in my bi-weekly subscription and I am not a fan. The flavor is a little too fruity and less full-bodied than what I normally like. I found that this coffee left me feeling "puckered" and I would not order again. "

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