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Anchorhead Coffee

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Since starting up with passion and verve on a home roaster back in 2013, Anchorhead has been busy "anchoring" a niche for themselves within Seattle's specialty coffee world. Known locally for their individually bottled cold brew, which can be found year-round in grocery stores and markets all over the city, the young company was a Good Food Award Finalist in 2017, won America's Best Espresso in 2015, and now operates two bustling retail shops (one in downtown Seattle) and a roastery with a Loring S15 Falcon roaster. Their roster features a pair of signature blends as well as a rotating menu of lighter-roasted, third-wave-style single origins. Anchorhead describes themselves in a simple, uncomplicated way: "making coffee for people who love coffee". Thanks for spreading the love, guys.

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Buy Coffees from Anchorhead Coffee

Guatemala El Tesoro

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Light • Single Origin • Honey, Cinnamon, Spice


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