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Caffe Umbria

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When we think of the word umbria, we think of the Italian word "ombra", meaning shadow. And when we think of Caffè Umbria, we think of the classic Italian coffee, as smooth, dark, and mysterious as a shadow, that they've been roasting-- first in Italy, now in Seattle-- for three generations of the Bizzarri family.

Italians are known for espresso, and the philosophy of the Italian espresso blend is location, location, location: that is, represent a wide variety of them. Traditional Italian blends can include as many as 15 or more distinct varietals of coffee creating a unique mosaic of flavors that come together in perfect harmony, standing alone or against a backdrop of perfectly steamed milk.

Caffè Umbria's roastmaster, Emanuele Bizzarri, riffs upon this tradition in a distinctly Seattle way: ours being a city that prizes the individuality of the single-origin roast. Bizzarri's Italian-style blends play perfectly in espresso or as full-bodied drip, every roast as unique and evocative as the varied origins of its component beans. Old world meets new world, tradition meets modernization, Italy meets Seattle. Ciao bella, Caffè Umbria.

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Coffees from Caffe Umbria

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