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Lighthouse Roasters

Lighthouse Roasters

One of Seattle’s original roaster cafes in the early 1990s, Lighthouse prides itself on 20+ years' experience hand roasting premium batches. Lighthouse’s only location is a true neighborhood cafe perched on the corner of a residential block in Fremont, WA. When you walk into Lighthouse, you can’t miss the vintage cast-iron roaster fired up and roasting the days coffee right in front of the neighborhood crowd. Even in Seattle, there are very few spots you can walk right up to a roaster at work while you’re sipping your morning coffee. Beyond the cafe, owner and head roast master Ed Leebrick is a coffee legend. He has personally trained many of the top roasters in Seattle and Portland, including the founders of Stumptown and Blue Beard. Lighthouse’s coffees are bold, spicy, complex, and full bodied. They have always been a favorite for dark roaster lovers and we’re proud to deliver them to you fresh.

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Decaf Lighthouse Blend

Decaf • Blend •


Espresso Blend

Dark • Blend • Chocolate, Spice, Berry


French Roast

Dark • Blend • Caramel


Bert's Breakfast Blend

Dark • Blend •


Lighthouse Blend

Dark • Blend • Chocolate, Fruit


Mocha Java Blend

Dark • Blend • Spice, Floral, Fruit


Roaster's Choice

Dark • Blend •