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Dark & Smoky Flavor Profile

You want it nice, strong, and toasty. Dark roasts are classic comfort coffees, whether enjoyed black or with a dose of cream and sugar, and pack a hearty wallop when brewed with a french press. Pair them with a sweet breakfast, or a campfire for maximum enjoyment.

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Bonfire Blend by Dapper and Wise Coffee Roasters

Bonfire Blend

Tobacco, Chocolate, Cocoa

Dapper and Wise Coffee Roasters



Diablo Dark Roast by Ladro Roasting

Diablo Dark Roast

Tobacco, Dark Chocolate, Brown Sugar

Ladro Roasting



After Dark Blend by Broadcast Coffee Roasters

After Dark Blend

Black Tea, Malt, Cocoa

Broadcast Coffee Roasters



Rainier Rising by Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie

Rainier Rising

Cedar, Toast, Smoke

Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie



Queen City Blend by Caffe Vita

Queen City Blend

Vanilla, Butter, Cocoa

Caffe Vita



AA Blend by Fonte Coffee

AA Blend

Chocolate, Spice, Toast

Fonte Coffee



Full City Kenya AA by Lighthouse Roasters

Full City Kenya AA

Citrus, Cedar, Smoke

Lighthouse Roasters