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Keep Your Coworkers in Coffee Heaven

Order Bean Box for your office, and help keep your colleagues happy,
well-caffeinated, and discovering the delights of freshly roasted, Seattle-crafted coffee.

Colleagues don't let colleagues drink stale coffee.

$15 per Bag, 4-Bag Minimum

  • Freshly roasted coffee from Seattle and Portland's top roasters.
  • Free delivery every 2 weeks, within 1-2 days of roasting.
  • Stop the 10AM and 3PM exodus for caffeine.
  • Special discounts on employee home delivery.
  • Support Seattle businesses.
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Guaranteed Fresh

We are located within a few miles of all the top Seattle roasters. This allows us to deliver your Bean Box within 1-2 days of roasting. When it comes to a great coffee experience, the difference between fresh and a few weeks old is everything.

Seattle and Portland's top roasters

There's a reason Seattle is known for its coffee culture. The best gourmet coffee roasting in the country is right here in our back yard, and we work with the roasters to feature the roasts that make them proudest of their craft.

People Love Bean Box

Why? Bean Box makes every day special. Your coworkers will discover amazing new roasts with each box, from well-rounded Guatemalan blends to tea-like single origin Yigacheffe. There's no coffee experience quite like it.

To Sign Up, Call 888-923-8596 or Email