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How can I learn to truly taste coffee?

over 1 year ago by R. Hatley
2 responses

You might drink coffee every day without thinking about it. Even more complex than wine, coffee has an incredible range of tasting notes and nuances developed by: where it's farmed, how it's processed, and roasted.... See full answer
- Ryan F., Chief Coffee Schemer

How do I know if I'm drinking good coffee?

over 1 year ago by E.R. Warren
1 response

For me, there's a minimum threshold for knowing whether I'm drinking "good" coffee. If there's any hint of bitterness, which might be caused from a bean defect, improper roasting, or stale (read old) coffee, we're... See full answer
- Matthew B., Chief Coffee Wrangler

Why is my coffee bitter?

almost 2 years ago by Rebecca P.
2 responses

Let's get to the bottom of your bitter coffee problem. Starting from the top [clever], here is a quick checklist for removing the bitter from your morning cup. Stale Coffee Beans How old is your... See full answer
- Ryan F., Chief Coffee Schemer