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Carmen Geisha Panama by Kuma Coffee

This rare coffee placed 4th in the "Best of Panama" competition in its first year of production. By rare, we mean a total of 500 pounds available worldwide, of which Bean Box has secured 20. Farmed by Carlos Aguilera, this Geisha is grown in the high elevation of Panama's Boquete region. A coffee this special deserves a roaster who can harness its potential; Kuma Coffee's precise roasting style delivers a vibrant and incredibly clean coffee. Tasting notes of bright tangerine, raspberry preserves, meyer lemon, and jasmine. We promise this one will make your coffee highlight reel.

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About Geisha

Geisha is one of the most prized coffee varietals in the world. Originally found in Ethiopia, Geishas are known for standing apart on the cupping table with their famously complex and unique tasting profiles.

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