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6 Caffeinated Holiday Brunch Recipes

Coffee is a must have with brunch. Here are 6 caffeinated holiday brunch recipes that are sure to help you step up your brunch game!

Here are 6 caffeinated recipes that are sure to help you step up your brunch game this holiday season!

1. Coffee Coffee Cake


Photo by Macheesmo

Those of you who are unfamiliar with coffee cake may be surprised to find that there is absolutely no actual coffee in a coffee cake. Eating a coffee cake with no coffee in it is just plain confusing, but we found a recipe that delivers on the coffee part. This cake is crumbly and sweet with a cup of your favorite brewed coffee in the cake itself as well as a coffee glaze to pour over top.

2. Coffee Lovers Chocolate Cake Donuts


Photo by Baker by Nature

Coffee and donuts are a perfect pairing but this recipe takes it one step further by putting coffee IN the donuts. The chocolate cake donut is rich and chocolaty with a subtle coffee flavor. Even better, the donuts are then dipped in a coffee glaze, which gives a strong kick of that wonderful coffee flavor. These sweet treats are sure to be a hit at your next brunch!

3. Maple and Coffee Glazed Bacon


Photo by The WorkTop

This recipe has taken one of the best foods ever and made it even more mouthwatering using coffee. The bacon is glazed with a mixture of espresso and maple syrup: creating the perfect balance of sweet, smokey, salty, and meaty. This is definitely a brunch recipe that will impress at your guests.

4. Coffee Infused WAFFLES


Photo by Sweet as a Cookie

This waffle recipe introduces a unique way to use coffee by adding a cup of strong brewed coffee to the batter. Adding coffee gives the waffles an amazing flavor and aroma. Waffles are a great brunch idea, and you can even make these waffles savory by adding bacon into the mix.

5. Coffee Pancakes

coffee-pancakes-9 Photo by Blogging with Apples

A warm stack of pancakes is the perfect brunch accompaniment! These pancakes are super soft and fluffy, but they are not your average stack of flapjacks. A cooled cup of your favorite coffee is added to the batter to give it a delicious yet subtle coffee flavor. If you are a lover of experimenting with different fruits, nuts, or other ingredients in your pancakes then you must give coffee a try for your next batch.

6. Mexican Coffee Cocktail


Photo by Cooking With Curls

Brunch is great for many reasons, but one of the top reasons is that it’s always okay to have a cocktail with brunch. In order to enjoy an alcoholic beverage while still getting that cup of coffee we crave in the morning, we found a recipe that gives you the best of both worlds. One of the best liqueurs to pair with coffee is Kahlua and this recipe takes a cup of brewed coffee and kicks it up a notch with a shot of Kahlua and a half a shot of tequila. This coffee cocktail is then topped with whipped cream and a pinch of cinnamon. This is the perfect boozy cocktail for a crowd.

We hope you enjoy cooking with coffee for your brunch guests this holiday season! Let us know which recipes you choose and what your guests think of these creative coffee-filled recipes. For more coffee recipe ideas, be sure to check out our “Cooking with Coffee Recipes” Pinterest board here!

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